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Hey, I'm a pretty recent fan to all things anime! I only started watching in August of 2014! Since then I have started collecting figures, posters and manga. I kind of went a bit overboard though to begin with.

I love making new friends who I can discuss anime with, so feel free to add me or strike up a conversation :)

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Kaga is my waifu :)

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01 month agoSilverJinxSilverJinx
02 months agoSilverJinxSilverJinx
-flails arms in your general direction-
02 months agoYuRiPaYuRiPa
Is the girl on the left of your background on your profile Kasumigaoka Utaha? Looks like her, mainly due to her hairband, but I'm not sure :P
02 months agoSilverJinxSilverJinx
BlackWolf (2 months ago) #19149677SEXUAL HARASSMENT!

02 months agoSilverJinxSilverJinx
b o o b s

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