BloempjeBloempje Hunting my grailsPochaco <3 review coming soon!~


It al started 3 years ago, when i purchased item #967 i liked this figure much and decided to buy it. When she arrived i was astonished. O my gosh it is beautiful! lol. And so on i bought more and more and found MFC which i recently joined 3 years ago.

My first (tv) anime was dragonball z. I never saw the end on television so i searched on the internet if you could watch it online. And so i spend some time watching the whole series back. Curious as i was i was browsing some other anime and began to watch Girls Bravo until now i've watched a lot of anime.

Currently hunting for my grails.

My clubs ~feel free to join :3

club #937 ~~ Drawings Love
club #840 ~~ Winged Beauties
club #829 ~~ Beautiful Flowers
club #879 ~~ Lucky Catch
club #1000 ~~ Pretty stars
club #1149 ~~ Double pleasure
club #1162 ~~ Resi-Carat
club #1171 ~~ Alphamax
club #1175 ~~ The Seven Deadly Sinsclub #1179 ~~ Kawaii Childrenclub #1197 ~~ Water fun
club #1215 ~~ Apron only
club #1217 ~~ Summer dress
club #1228 ~~ China dress
club #1236 ~~ Night wear
club #1244 ~~ Sexy censor
club #1296 ~~ Umbrella love
club #1311 ~~ Sweet lingerie club #1345 ~~ Nurse
club #1405 ~~ Akatsuki no Yona ~FC
club #1411 ~~ Kamisama Hajimemashita ~FC

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