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02 months agoRyanHljRyanHlj
BloodiRose (2 months ago) #2447738I was just wondering why item #248396 is listed as discontinued on HLJ, and will I be able to order it in the future?

Thanks for asking! Unfortunately, "discontinued" means the manufacturer is no longer producing the shirt, and we have no extra units available in stock. There's always a chance that the manufacturer will reproduce a discontinued item, but at the moment we know of no such plans for the foreseeable future.
06 months ago (6 months ago)MirluSakuMirluSaku
BloodiRose (6 months ago) #2275696Love your picture, I know that feeling of finding so many things on here that would be so nice to have. XP I have so many things that I'd call grails at this point and I'm always finding more. -__-;
A big grail for myself is probably: item #571 Wondering what yours is, or if it's the figure in the picture?

hahaha thanks you! :B yeah, same for me xD
hmm, im pretty new at this, but im between item #117923 and item #166975 n_n

I really love that toaster, but Purple Heart looks so epic *-*
08 months agopiffin88piffin88
BloodiRose (8 months ago) #2163295Your room is so awesome.

Thank you!
010 months agojenajena ☆ mahou shoujo ☆
Thanks! Eternal Sonata is a wonderful game, I wish there were figures of all the playable characters!
010 months agoBonesBones
Happy Birthday!:) Have a nice day!

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