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011 days agootakusanotakusan
BloodyEarth (11 days ago) #23442071Almost the end of fifth week. Still nothing not even an update on tracking. Three more weeks to go and I might break your record. Sigh.

oh man, that's not a record you want to break. Hope you get your stuff soon.
018 days agootakusanotakusan
BloodyEarth (18 days ago) #231507208 weeks, for real? What kind of torture is that...? But I am glad to hear that it's not lost.
What really worries me is when the package kept on getting delayed and the possibilities of it being lost during transit. Man, we didn't pay all these to suffer like this. :(

Welcome to North America, where you can't buy service with money
018 days agootakusanotakusan
BloodyEarth (18 days ago) #23144753HI. I just came across by from reading a comment of your over a year ago regarding EMS delay. I don't know if you still remember or not, but I was wondering, how long did they take to deliver your EMS packages? Did they ever arrive? I am in the same situation as you were before. A package of mine sent in EMS has taken almost a month and tracking not even updating beyond en route to Canada. It's really frustrating.
Anyway, I hope I didn't bother you with all the rant.

Hey Buddy, I understand your anger man.. the longest EMS package it took from Japan to Canada for me was 8 weeks.
019 days agowillyg1982willyg1982
BloodyEarth (19 days ago) #23097611EMS usually only takes about a week or a week and half to deliver stuff to my place. This time it has taken more than 3 weeks and not even an update on's killing me.Wow that a long time. I order something from China once taken 3 to 4 months.

Anyhow, hopefully your stuff arrives soon.
019 days agoBlazeBluesBlazeBlues
Best of luck to you my friend! I definitely hope you don't have to wait as long as I did and your package gets to you soon. The feeling of possibly having a package lost en-route can be pretty nerve wrecking, but I'm hoping all goes well for you.

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