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01 month agojunbot-kunjunbot-kun
BluRay (1 month ago) #4199533(ext link)
Jump on it quick~! I hope it's not too late by the time you see this.
thank you very much! (/^▽^)/
02 months agoNewbieNubNewbieNub
but the moneis... monies is to be used on figus :D
02 months agoNewbieNubNewbieNub
Then you should collect more touhou girls because you have quite a bit of kantai ones :D
02 months agoNewbieNubNewbieNub

Can be into both

Ship girls and youkai girls

The best of both worlds

So you get to swim in two times the pussy

I don't see a problem here :^)
12 months agoNewbieNubNewbieNub
> need more touhou figurines


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