BlueRockLadyBlueRockLady SHSL GenoKawa fan


= Super big fan of Dangan Ronpa (DR 0, DR 1 and SDR 2)
= Genocider and Fukawa fan girl
= Black Rock Shooter fan (love ignites)
= Hoshizora Rin nyan girl!

Preferences on figures:
= More to Nendoroids
= Scale figure
= Not a figma fan, but might under circumstances :3

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010 months agomelody2704melody2704
ding dong beep beep knock knock bang bam boom *truck incoming* kbye :v
010 months agomelody2704melody2704
BlueRockLady (10 months ago) #2190300Here comes SHITNAROU XD shooooooo XD
010 months ago (10 months ago)melody2704melody2704
BlueRockLady (10 months ago) #2181844Imoutou LOL real pic pulak omg =3= huwat. fine i chg back anime.....or maybe not =3=
01 year agoKaito570Kaito570
Danganronpa rules cant wait for the vita release later this year for the second game
01 year agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
BlueRockLady (1 year ago) #1989716Hi, I wanna ask 1 question about the artbook Dangan Ronpa 1+2 reload.
Does the content of the book have the key visual image like the main big character picture for each character in the first setting material?
Here's an example ((ext link))
The key visual image are like the picture below naegi's name.
I hope the book have all this image similar to the first setting material. Cause I wanna draw those amazing poses
Every page in the two original Setting Materials exist in the Reload Setting Materials. There's only either additional content or reorganised images in the new Material, so you can expect to see every image you see in the DR Setting Material.

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