BlueRockLadyBlueRockLady SHSL GenoKawa fan


= Super big fan of Dangan Ronpa (DR 0, DR 1 and SDR 2)
= Genocider and Fukawa fan girl
= Black Rock Shooter fan (love ignites)

Preferences on figures:
= More to Nendoroids
= Scale figure
= Not a figma fan, but might under circumstances :3

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01 month agoKaito570Kaito570
Danganronpa rules cant wait for the vita release later this year for the second game
02 months agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
BlueRockLady (2 months ago) #1989716Hi, I wanna ask 1 question about the artbook Dangan Ronpa 1+2 reload.
Does the content of the book have the key visual image like the main big character picture for each character in the first setting material?
Here's an example ((ext link))
The key visual image are like the picture below naegi's name.
I hope the book have all this image similar to the first setting material. Cause I wanna draw those amazing poses
Every page in the two original Setting Materials exist in the Reload Setting Materials. There's only either additional content or reorganised images in the new Material, so you can expect to see every image you see in the DR Setting Material.
02 months agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
BlueRockLady (2 months ago) #1984578Hmm >.< In previous WF, there are some which is announced but no continuation, there are even times that they release a prototype but no progress on it. Im just worried they might stop it just because it's not that popular in Japan :(Considering how many figures almost every single company works on all at once, I'm never surprised when a figure takes longer than a year for an update. The two Disgaea Nendoroids had almost 2 years between announcement and a prototype for example. I personally just don't let myself get too invested in announcements since there are a lot of factors which could cause issues in the progress of the figure.
While the anime wasn't that popular, the games are quite popular. I remember when I was there, I saw girls on the train playing Reload on their Vitas. And GSC sponsored the anime, so it would be a waste of their money if they didn't capitalise on the show more. The Naegi Nendoroid and the Kirigiri scale from Phat are the only two DR: The Animation figures that have been made under the GSC distribution banner. And since Kirigiri isn't due out for another few months, there's quite some time for them to announce the next DR: The Animation figure. I'd personally like to think they'll do petits of them all and a Kirigiri Nendoroid. If we're lucky, a Naegi scale.
02 months agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
BlueRockLady (2 months ago) #1981612Hmmm, really? I shall take a look at their finished product then. When I saw Algeron's Junko, I am a bit hesitant due to her lack of details and the colour isn't that appealing to me. IMO, even Komaeda isn't that appealing too, so maybe Koto can fix that up.
I am so sad that there's no further Nendoroid announcement of them :(
Yeah, really. People give them so much more hate than they deserve. They're nothing like Griffon. As for Algernon, they've only ever made 3 scales, two of them were the Danganronpa scales. So for such a new company, they've done very well for themselves. For Junko's colouring, the only bad part is her off hair colour imo. The colours on the paint are quite flat on her clothes, but natural shadows make it look much nicer (kind of like how it would look with normal clothes). I'm looking forward to see what else they can do.

Just because there weren't any announcements at this WF doesn't mean they're never going to make another Danganronpa Nendoroid. They announced a lot of really new things this WF and showed prototypes for ones previously announced, so I'm guessing they were mostly focussing on their new announcements rather than continuing lines.
02 months agoKattoKatto SHSL Magical Girl
BlueRockLady (2 months ago) #1981345T^T not much releases on Dangan Ronpa in this time's Wonfest.
I am seriously disappointed that there's no news from GSC and I'm utterly sad that it's Kotobukiya that are going to make those two hero from SDR 2. I mean, Kotobukiya always screw up the final product quality :(
I'm personally quite happy with what I saw :)

I'm not sure what your experience is with Kotobukiya, but with the 20+ scales I've owned from them in the past, I've never had one be screwed up on the final product xD They're a very good company and so many people say they're crap without having seen their products in person >___>

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