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Well, i started collecting figures in 2004 when i bought my first ones Rei and Asuka with eva suit... since that moment i like more and more figures, for long time i spent a lot of money month by month in figures in Madrid shops and intenet online shops like play-asia, hlj...

On 2007 i stopped buy figures due to i need the money for other important purposes and my collection stands by for long time without new \"friends\" :)... on 2009 the situations looks much better so i decided to restart my hobbie and here i am :) spending money month by month again.

Really i like a lot off types of figures and i buy what i want when i see it and is possible...

Hope you enjoy watching my collection... i will enjoy watching yours :)


Once I finish my new profile... i will remove the previous text :) sorry for slowly load... when I finish it I will divide the img into small parts...


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