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Long ago in a distant land....

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24 years agoBradsterBradster
Glad everyone's giving my former harem members good homes.
04 years agoOptimustico_crOptimustico_cr
Awesome, I'm pretty happy with my Siggy from Queen's Blade, everything in great conditions.Thanks Brad !!
04 years agos4nzs4nz
Opened up Vante and Imari today, Items arrived in great condition in that big box you got! with loads of peanuts! Now that I have Vante I can finally have Yuit paired up with her, thank you!
05 years agoUnchained-MelodyUnchained-Melody
Kanu arrived today and in good shape. I'm very happy with her. Many thanks!
05 years ago (5 years ago)slowzyslowzy
Sorry for the lateness but i received Kan'u and am so happy. I had been looking for her and was almost giving up. Thanks again!

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