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11 month agoKittanZeroKittanZero
Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a fun day!

11 month agoAbby9960Abby9960 Aquamancer Mage
Happy Birthday ^^!
11 month agoCybogirlCybogirl
Hey happy birthday! Hope you have a wonderful day!
04 months agoChocolateSpiderChocolateSpider
C2Queen (4 months ago) #21155131Thank you for putting a lot of effort into taking pictures and giving us detailed reviews on figures! I love your reviews and you have an amazing collection!
Thank you very much. You have a super cute collection too. I like your use of Emilia-tan on your profile. I am so far behind in Re:Zero. >.>
04 months agoPogafPogaf
C2Queen (4 months ago) #20839298I got mine in finally I'm just still deciding where I want to hang it. I have a lot of wall scrolls already but this is definitely the prettiest of them all. What's the other wall scroll you ordered? Is it more Asuna + Yuuki? I have some Ordinal Scale ones on pre-order right now. Mostly of Asuna and Asuna + Yuna. Have you seen the movie? I loved what they did for Yuuki in it!

I also ordered the one with Yuuki and Asuna in a sword fight (no idea where I'm going to hang it though...) It was my wallpaper on my computer for a long time, so I was really excited to see it for sale! I did see Ordinal Scale when it had the sub release, though the dub never came to my area :( I got teary-eyed when Yuuki popped up... wasn't expecting that! There's been some cool OS merch recently, but I have to stay focused or my collecting will get out of hand xD
I hope you've found a good place for your wall scroll. I had to do some culling of the wall art, but it was worth it!
05 months agoPogafPogaf
[quote]You're welcome. It was going for THAT high? I couldn't find it anywhere and I kicked myself for not being able to own it. I probably would have been like you and nearly caved if I saw it for sale at a con. I'm really glad I waited too. Mine just shipped yesterday since I had it in my monthly order (a few things in my March order ended up releasing early in April so that's why it took so long). I'll probably have it along with my monthly order sometime later this upcoming week. What are some good websites to find more Yuuki merch if you don't mind me asking?

Have you gotten yours in yet? I put mine up on my bedroom wall and it's sooooo pretty @_@ I'm anxious to get the other one I ordered!
Most of my stuff has come from AmiAmi or eBay, so nothing special. I did get a couple things from plamoya too, but I think that's it! I stalk Y!J auctions, but the fees are just too much for smaller items. :(
05 months agoPogafPogaf
C2Queen (6 months ago) #19087439Hello there~ I happened to notice we're the only 2 people who ordered item #298163 when it went back up for re-release (I'm so happy it did I missed it the first time and it was one of my most wanted goods) so I peeked at your profile and I have to say that I love your Zekken collection so far! I just had to say hello and that I'm jealous of it - I need more Yuuki Konno in my collection. Anyways I'm really glad to see another Yuuki fan!

Hi! Sorry I just saw your message.
And thank you! I've added a few more things over the past couple weeks. I saw that tapestry at Anime Expo last year and the guy wanted $150. I almost caved, but I thought that was just too much... I'm so glad I waited! I just got mine in the mail on Wednesday along with another rubber strap. Have you gotten yours yet? :)
06 months agoGCNessGCNess
C2Queen (6 months ago) #19102111I just saw your latest article/blog post, you might want to edit it to enable others to comment on it if you're looking for help. I thought I would let you know so you wouldn't be sitting there wondering why no one has responded. I'm not sure how to help you personally with what happened but I'm sure others will be able to.
I had them enabled. I could swear I did, I checked and it was that way too. I haven't blocked anyone on here either, so I don't understand why that happened.
06 months agoUrikoroseUrikorose
C2Queen (6 months ago) #18821087Have you seen Nendoroid Holo yet by chance? If not - item #464725
I thought of you since I know how much you like Holo too and cosplay her. She doesn't release until July but I imagine her aftermarket price will go up a lot in the future so I wanted to make sure you knew about her if you want to get her at a decent price =3
Also I'm not sure if you saw Tokyo Otaku Mode's collab with Myethos figure of Wedding Holo went up too (it's exclusive but doesn't release until November) - item #485674

Yes! I've pre-ordered the Nendoroid figure and really want to get the Tokyo Otaku Mode one but that'll have to wait until I can save up some extra money since you have to pay for her once you pre-order. Thank you for thinking of me!! <3 <3 <3
06 months agoNendoNowNendoNow
My best girl is Megumin too, though I really love Aqua cause she makes me laugh the most. And the Ash Nendo corresponding with the new anime retelling makes sense, can't wait for either one. And Bungou Stray Dogs is a Shounen anime with a gangster/mafia twist. Everyone has super powers and they fight, but it does start out pretty slow and revolves around a character I don't really like that much. But as more characters get introduced it really starts to pick up.

C2Queen (6 months ago) #18794956I should have looked more at your Youtube. I see that now. I found it cool that you had some friends share videos of their most anticipated Nendoroid's too. It's nice to see another fan of Konosuba! I think more people would watch it if they realized what it's really like since it seems like another generic fantasy harem anime on the outside. That was actually what I thought it was gonna be before I picked it up last year. Megumin is my favorite by far (Bakuretsu la la la~) but I like Aqua & Darkness a lot too. Who's your favorite girl?
I'm also very excited for Cocoa since I own Chino as well (I'd love to see them make Sharo with her rabbit Wild Geese though), Winnie the Pooh, Ash Ketchum, and Conan. Like you I was shocked to see Disney & Detective Conan Nendoroid's get announced. The classic Ash Nendoroid announcement makes sense though now out of the blue - did you see the trailer for a new movie retelling the first few episodes of Pokemon? It's called "I Choose You!" I assume the Nendoroid is coming out to correspond with the movie. What do you think?
Also I haven't seen Bungo Stray Dogs but it's pretty popular - you said you dropped it and then ended up finishing it... does it just start really slow? What kind of anime is it? I've thought about giving it a watch. I think you'd look great cosplaying his outfit from what I saw on the Nendoroid by the way.
06 months agoNendoNowNendoNow
Hi!! Thank you!! And I actually just posted a video with all the nendoroids I'm looking forward too this year, so check it out if you've got the chance :D

And I'm glad you love that big bang segment haha. <3

C2Queen (6 months ago) #18693894Hello~ I love your Nendoroid collection! It's so colorful and full of variety. Not to mention you have some pretty rare and expensive ones. Are there any upcoming ones you are really excited for?
Also I found you from your Youtube channel. I loved your room tour and set up (You lipsynced Fantastic Baby so well too btw) Keep at it!
08 months agoKittanZeroKittanZero
Sorry I'm so late! I wanted to take some time to sit down and write out a thorough reply rather than type something out really quick, but unfortunately, I've been really busy this weekend putting together Ikea shelves. Rearranging figures and displays can be so exhausting and time consuming, ugh >_<

But anyways, I definitely agree that it's great that School-Live even got an anime to begin with. It's really weird that its popularity didn't take off as much as other series like Madoka or even Yuki Yuna. I know it's not exactly the same genre, but the whole cute girls deal with dark problems seems to be a pretty trendy narrative lately. I still need to find some time to really dig into the manga. I got all of the volumes that have been released so far for Christmas, so I can't wait to really get into it. I completely forgot about Megu-nee somehow, I would love if they made a figure of her too, she was so great ;_;

I couldn't have said it better myself about Hinata and Nagito, you really nailed exactly how I feel about them too. I completely agree that it's probably the whole, "they hate each other, so they must love each other", kind of mindset that makes people drawn to them. Personally, I feel those kinds of relationships are too played out in anime, and I really prefer the sweet and tender relationship/friendship that Hinata and Chiaki have. Just as you said, pretty much everything that's been shown in the game and anime suggests strongly that Chiaki is the canon love interest for him. I'm not one that typically seeks out yaoi pairings either, but I feel exactly the same. If a yaoi or yuri pairing has good chemistry, I'm totally on board with shipping them. I just don't see that spark between Hinata and Nagito at all, haha. My boyfriend is also a big fan of DR2, and when I told him about the big fanbase that relationship has, he was like "umm... wtf???". Neither of us saw that at all while playing the game.

It's so funny that you mention the crazy shipping wars going on with Re:Zero because that's pretty much the main reason my boyfriend and I stopped watching it. We probably got to about episode 11-14ish before we stopped completely, and the reason why is because we'd gotten weary of the Rem and Ram story line. He and I both love the beginning arc of the series, and we loved Emilia and Subaru as a team, so we started getting irritated when the show started focusing less and less on her and the two of them together. We also didn't want to see it turn into a harem since we were sensing that happening. When I later heard about the crazy popularity Rem was getting, we were both pretty confused, but I guess that probably happens in episodes when haven't seen yet. I'm sorry to hear you have to deal with hate for liking Emilia better because, as far as I've seen, I like her more too! Like you said, hopefully the author won't start making changes to cater to those fans, I kind of hate when authors change their minds because of fan reaction. It makes the story feel less genuine.

Oh my gosh, I probably watched a lot of your Code Geass AMVs back in the day without knowing it, lol. I used to scour youtube for Lelouch x C.C. AMVs because I was obsessed with them as a pairing. It's crazy how similar we are because I used to be a huge fan and collector of Code Geass and its figures before I kind of teetered out of the fandom and sold away most of my figures from it. I never stopped loving it but felt more like I'd moved on to love other shows a bit more (mostly TTGL)and needed to make room for those figures instead. You are so right about the series ending with good closure, I'm worried about them ruining that too. I always liked to believe the "Cart Driver" theory was canon in my heart, and I loved the idea that he and C.C. had found their own kind of peace together. If they ruin that in order to start more ship wars with Kallen and Suzaku again, I'll be pretty disappointed. My boyfriend had never seen the second season, but I've ranted to him plenty of times about how Kallen ruined what would have been their confession moment in R2. I can't remember the episode number, but I watched it again with him recently, and many expletives came out of my mouth when Kallen busts in on them in her mech as he and C.C. were approaching each other. I'll hate Kallen till the end of time because of that scene >_<

I do have FFXV, and I haven't beaten it yet because I've been stuck in "mission hell" as I call it, but it's been really fun so far! I'm kind of a completionist, so I've been doing mission after mission before moving onto the next big half of the story. I'm so glad you liked Kingsglaive and Brotherhood because I thought they were great too! I think you're going to really love the game since you liked both of those. One of the few drawbacks I've noticed of the game so far is that watching those is pretty much a necessary requirement to understanding the game's story, so it's really going to help you with that since you've already seen them. I haven't had too much of a problem understanding the story because I watched those first too, but I've seen some people complain that the story was confusing because they hadn't seen either. I'm really hoping the conclusion will be good though, I can't wait to move on to Chapter 9 after all of the missions I've been doing, haha. Has the World of Final Fantasy been fun? I considered getting it, but I knew I would want to dive right in to XV when it came out, so I ended up putting it off.

And no worries about typing too much! I've probably typed too much by now also :P It's been fun talking to you as well!
08 months ago (8 months ago)KittanZeroKittanZero
C2Queen (8 months ago) #17446401No, thank you for accepting my friend request! You have a really impressive Gurren Lagaan and Danganronpa collection. I also noticed we like a lot of the same fandoms including School-Live! So I honestly hope you don't mind the add. I just really admire your collecting passion toward certain series. That and your profile is cute! Plus your profile pic being Hinata x Chiaki ♥ Fav DR ship

Thank you so much, that's really sweet of you to notice! I don't mind the add at all, it's great to meet another School-Live fan! It's so sad that they'll probably never continue the anime ;_; I know most people seem to like the manga better, but I enjoyed the anime too and would love it if they made more. I'm also really sad that no Miki figure has been announced, Di molto bene just has to finish the set! Hopefully she would come with a little Taromaru too. I'll be crossing my fingers for her to be announced at this WonFes >_<

It makes me happy to meet someone that likes Hinata x Chiaki too! They are my fave ship for sure, I loved their chemistry in DR2. They just look so cute together. Sometimes I feel like people who are obsessed with Nagito x Hinata drown out any other ships with Hinata, but I've never liked them together. I feel like Nagito is too crazy to have a stable relationship with anyone, haha.

Btw, I was never able to finish RE:Zero, but I love Emilia and your profile looks so cute with the pictures of her and Puck! Also, I love your username! CC is my absolute favorite character from Code Geass, she is so gorgeous and I always wanted her and Lelouch to end up together. Really looking forward to the new series to see if that will ever happen!
08 months ago (8 months ago)KittanZeroKittanZero
Sorry this is late, but thanks for the friend request! :) You have a cute collection!
09 months agoKirenisaKirenisa I am a collector!
I love your profile, it's adorable! :3
09 months ago (9 months ago)C2QueenC2Queen Maji Tenshi ❀
StarFruit (10 months ago) #16429437Thanks for accepting my FR~ I really like Emilia too~~~ ^w^

You're welcome! I'm always very happy to have more friends. Especially fans of Re:Zero! Bonus points for fans of Emilia-tan ♥ Thanks for befriending me =3
010 months agoStarFruitStarFruit
Thanks for accepting my FR~ I really like Emilia too~~~ ^w^
01 year agoIshokuOseroIshokuOsero Idol in training <3
C2Queen (1 year ago) #13183737Glad to see you're back on social media! I missed you! I had a feeling you couldn't resist WonFes!

Nope I definitely completely gotta be around for wonfes! It's super important!!
01 year agoCrimsonPumpkinCrimsonPumpkin
C2Queen (1 year ago) #12021229
Hi Ashley! Thanks a lot for passing by my profile and for your wonderful comments ^_^
As designer and illustrator I like to keep everything neat and easy to read (something I learnt from working on a newspaper company several years ago) so I really appreciate when people like my posts layouts ^^

Your profile is adorable as well >_< I can't do much with mine since I'm still not a supporter but of course one day I plan to be fufufufu!! And you love nendoroids too!! Hello fellow chibi lover XD Yeah I've been a sucker for chibi style since I was little lol

Don't be afraid to contact me and chat with me ^^ I love meeting new people here on MFC

Take care!!
01 year agochookypoohchookypooh
C2Queen (1 year ago) #9712058Thank you so much! >//< She is from an anime that's currently airing called Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu (Re:Zero - Starting Life in a Different World from Zero) It got adapted from a Light Novel and also has 3 different manga adaptations. Her name is Emilia. It's a fantasy/adventure/mystery anime with a bit of blood/gore

Ohhh that sounds like an interesting anime! (plus the animation looks so nice hnng♥).
Thank you so much for the info!! ovo

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