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01 year agoYokuramaYokurama
CalamityShift (1 year ago) #2026957Legit eh, now you need deez. (ext link)
YES, and a bunch more of the Hakusho figure look so damn awesome. The ones I have are the cheapest ones out there.

Berserk figures are gonna be some of the first I will be getting!
01 year agoYokuramaYokurama
CalamityShift (1 year ago) #2026904Yet somehow still nowhere near enough. Oh ho ho.
I feel like I'm entering a wonderful yet dangerous place...

btw, the only legit figures that I own are Hakusho ones lol
01 year agoYokuramaYokurama
Holy shit bro, you have more figures then I thought you did. 0_0
01 year agoWilliham1234Williham1234
Wow you have sooooo many figmas im so jelly!!! X3
01 year agoNeonStarNeonStar
CalamityShift (1 year ago) #1701707You're pretty :3

D'awww, fankyuu~ >////>

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