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I have a large collection of smaller figures and am gradually starting to collect scales too. I like bishounen figures particularly but do have the odd female figure too. I like BL and have a fairly sizeable collection of yaoi doujinshi.

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01 year agoRi-chanRi-chan
Your inbox seems to be full, could you make room so that I can send you the shipping invoice >.< thank you~
01 year agoRi-chanRi-chan
Hello!! Just wanted to make sure you received the partial refund for the mousepad since I wasn't able to get Hiroyuki >.<
01 year agoRekkaRekka
Just saw your user image, and thought you'd like to know that this figure is up for re-release *u*

item #32063

As a Revy fan, I was extremely happy to hear about it.
02 years agoSchangiaSchangia
Hey, would you please confirm or drop your slots? Thanks~ (mfc link)
02 years agoJam3410Jam3410 Uncrowned King
Merry Christmas :)

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