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13 months agoDem-FigsDem-Figs Fig Newtons
I realize it's been awhile since I purchased the Red Kotobukiya figure, but I wanted to let you, and any other future buyers, know that you are a great seller! Shipping was fast and the figure came exactly as described. I was extremely pleased with my purchase and would not hesitate to buy from you again. :)


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red nintendo nendoroid pocket_monsters good_smile_company majin_tantei_nougami_neuro zenigame mew nendoron jun_(e.v.) abe_takumi kima masuda_hideo katsuragi_yako nougami_neuro pokémon_center hitokage res...phat_company kaiya_hajime bandai_namco_entertainment_inc. yagumo_kengou ain idolm@ster_cinderella_girls honda_mio minicchu minicchu_idolm@ster_cinderella_girls_03 minicchu_idolm@ster_cinderella_girls_cin...

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kotobukiya rubber_strap sakurai es_series_rubber_strap_collection brothers_conflict asahina_natsume asahina_subaru brothers_conflict_rubber_strap_collection_side_asega volks dollfie_dream type_moon zoukei-mura misaki_serika mahou_tsukai_no_yoru amano_hakase aozaki_aoko sakura_taisen:_ecole_de_paris erica_fontaine red_entertainment

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