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Fan of JRPGs since 1996, anime since 1998, and tokusatsu hero shows since 2006. Out of everything, my big three things I am into would have to be Pokemon, Kamen Rider, and Precure. My favorite anime series is the Monogatari Series.

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023 days agodogs547895dogs547895
i replied :3 hope you got my messages
23 months agoCicielyCiciely
Wanting to buy your Halloween Town Sora figure from Play Arts. Please get back to me! Your inbox was full.
23 months agooohitztroyoohitztroy
Regarding [Sale #105573] To LOVEru Darkness - Konjiki no Yami - 1/8 - Yukata ver. (FREEing)

I would like to purchase if available. Your inbox is full so I cannot PM you.
05 months agoTwalken16Twalken16
Hi there, I'm just inquiring about purchasing the kiseijuu shinichi super action statue. It's unopened, correct? I made an account just to ask, btw.
07 months agoHeart-UnderBladeHeart-UnderBlade
Hey, i'm interested in the shinobu figma. I also live in florida. can you send me a pm so we can set up the sale?

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