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I need to update my bio, but I am a bit too busy to do so right now. I will get to it later.

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03 hours agoanglfsh33anglfsh33

Yes, I'm still interested and I was wondering about the cost?

Celtic7Guardian (14 hours ago) #19313799Hi! You mean the nendoroid? Yes, she is! Shoot me a response to this post if you're interested. =)
05 days ago (13 hours ago)anglfsh33anglfsh33

I've left a comment earlier, but just so you know I'm still interested in the Ultimate Madoka Nendoroid if she's still up for sale!
015 days agoLeonettaisasLeonettaisas
Hey :) sadly i recieved no message but i thought that you have some problems with answering so i wait until you are able.
028 days agoAmritaKAAmritaKA
Celtic7Guardian (29 days ago) #18557554Ack! It looks like I forgot to mark off on his page that I had sold him a while ago. Sorry! >_< I just corrected that issue. My apologies for the confusion!

No worries :D luckily I was able to purchase him elsewhere!
029 days agoAmritaKAAmritaKA
Celtic7Guardian (1 month ago) #18540373Oh good, thank you for telling me! ^_^ I'm so sorry I didn't get your tracking number to you in time, but I'm glad they've arrived at their nice new home! Enjoy~

Sorry to bother you again! I just now noticed that you wish to sell Tsurumaru Kuninaga. Is he still available? I should have double checked beforehand so I could have purchased him along with Kashuu and Naki.

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