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About Me:

Hi there! My name is Kyle.

I started my current collection you see here back in January 2011. It's mainly made up with Dragon Ball and One Piece items. I used to have an old collection as a child that I sold off shortly before I started my current collection. My favorite series are listed to the right, along with some of my favorite characters. I'm always looking for suggestions for something new to watch.

If you feel like discussing anything feel free to leave a comment or PM me. :P

Thanks for visiting. :D


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Gaming platforms - PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Wii U, 3DS


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dragon_ball_kai vegeta bandai s.h.figuartsmegahouse dragon_ball_z majin_buu_(absorption) vegetto_ssj dragon_ball_capsule_r_kyogaku_no_majin_boo_hen dragon_ball_capsule_rmegahouse dragon_ball_z mr._satan majin_buu_(fat) dragon_ball_capsule_r_kyogaku_no_majin_boo_hen dragon_ball_capsule_rmegahouse dragon_ball_z babidi dabura pui_pui dragon_ball_capsule_r_kyogaku_no_majin_boo_hen dragon_ball_capsule_rmegahouse vegeta son_goku dragon_ball_z majin_buu_(super) dragon_ball_capsule_r_kyogaku_no_majin_boo_hen dragon_ball_capsule_rbandai piccolo dragon_ball_kai dragon_ball_z s.h.figuarts son_gohan_ssj perfect_cellbanpresto bandai vegeta dragon_ball_kai s.h.figuarts zarbon high_quality_dx ishiyama_yuukimegahouse bandai son_goku dragon_ball_kai dragon_ball_z desktop_real_mccoy s.h.figuarts son_goku_ssj son_gohan_ssj toriyama_akira

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