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Hi! Just a Lazy Delinquent Bum trying to create a dream cave.

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015 days agoForeverzeroForeverzero
Chibinari (16 days ago) #18936702Happy Birthday
Thank you.
020 days agoPrismVoicePrismVoice
Chibinari (21 days ago) #18813398Happy Birthday!

\(^o^)/ Thank you!! ~
01 month agoStealthyClawStealthyClaw
Chibinari (1 month ago) #18207284Happy Birthday!
Thank you! ^_^
01 month agoPlasticomPlasticom
No problem. ^_^

That's great. I'm fine too, thanks. :3
Chibinari (1 month ago) #18087417Thanks! I'm doing pretty good. How are you doing?
01 month agoPlasticomPlasticom
You're welcome. :)

Thanks so much! You have a great taste in figures yourself. How are you?
Chibinari (1 month ago) #18078344Thanks for the FR!. Love your collection.

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