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Not accepting random fr anymore! So please message me before adding or talk to me first at least..

◕ ‿‿ ◕ ◕ ‿‿ ◕

about me?
im just a die-hard louise fan who wishes to own all merchandise and figures of her, and I am quite near that accomplishment <3
after that I got more goals:
1.getting all native figs I like
2. Gettng the kokonoe rins i like
3. having all blazblue/catherine merch there is
4. getting the good tsundere figures
5. having many tony taka figs ( from shining heart etc.)

I also maintain 3 clubs: nana to kaoru fanclub , zero no tsukaima fanclub and makai tenshi jibril fanclub!

I started collecting when I joined MFC, and I already got this many figures in such a short time :O >///<

I love ecchi stuff <3 I dont like vulgar naked like giga pulse does, but beautiful artwork pieces with a bit of nudity like native does :) thats my view on it
(though there are some exceptions cause I like bondage outfits)
my most expensive one is 145 euro for chigusa nana black ver. but she is worth it!
(plus chantilly and neige for freaking 256 euro)

further well .. im a proud bi-sexual girl :) and I support all those lesbians or gays out there who are ashamed just dont be and be yourself :3

I also like meeting people who got a passion/obsession for a certain character like I have <3
and... I love tsunderes A LOT <3 beside louise I love mio isurugi much but other tsunderes too, too many to like!

also a weird fact about me: eventhough I own many pink haired characters my favourite color is most definitly not pink but turqoise! and I dislike pink in rl XD but on characters I think pink hair suits them

also im in love with artworks and figures based on them (for example tony taka) :D

Plus im very much in love with UchihaxDante
My love <3

and I got a collection of mangas too but too lazy to add them all up here about 200-250 (added in a list, tho not all are in the database)

what more to tell ... not much right ? beside that im a die-hard otaku who also loves cosplaying and watching anime :) and being a talkative spontaneous girl

my best online friend here is euler271
someday we will meet :)
As well as my lovely cutie Nana_Chigusa

if you wish to know more ... feel free to ask ;D

bye bye~

also some consider me unfriendly, cause I am a direct person now and then but that is mainly due to autism or due to the person itself :)

P.s. Louise is my waifuu!

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02 days agoaweofsheaweofshe
Chloe-tsundere (2 days ago) #2405863240 aud including shipping...was supposed to be 200 aud at first but yeah long story and idc i got her anyways! For me that isnt cheap but knowing there are only 50 it isnt rlly steap either.. Yahoo auctions has one for 198k o.O like wtf who will spend that!?
Im obsessed over the game but even I wouldnt go that far lol
Ahh we got similar tastes then! I also like ragna but hazama/terumi is awesome too
I find bang very funny as well hes also high in my guy list =P jin too..
Tsubaki is just adorable and i love her story.. I got her dakimakura for 6000 yen :)
Well i will take some poctures once i got her.. Tho i am also tempted to keep her unopened somehow
I bougt both versions so i can compare them ^^ the regular one was 6k ex shipping
I love her eyesand hair the most from the WF edition :)
Hmm i have only played Gg on the wii and i didnt like it so i probably bought the wrong ver.. So i will try buying a better game from GG, which would you recommend?
I prefer xbox and wii i dont have a ps3 yet~~
Yeah i know which one you mean! I was tempted too but 30 for a strap is too much.. ^^"
So i hope to find the smaller strapwhich is also cute, i saw her for 900 yen on auction but with proxy that still isnt cheap

O.o Wow, that is a lot but considering how rare it is, not surprising. Don't think I have spent that much on a figure most expensive figure is $160 item #42026 and she was my first scale. xD I have spent around $200 on BlazBlue & Final Fantasy XIII necklaces, tho. Almost spent $350 on some extremely rare rubber straps (limited to 30 sets & the only character merchandise for one my fave series). Someone outbid me, haha. Cannot believe the final price was almost $400. =_= So yeah, I can understand the rare stuff thing.

I love/hate Hazama. Suppose that's what makes him a great character, lol. Ragna has a tough life so I sympathize with him. Bang is hilarious! I'm hoping he gets more plot relevance in the next game. Tsubaki is probably my favorite female BB character. She needs a figure! The whole BB cast needs figures. >< I want the Kokonoe one but I'm afraid that there's probably no space in my room for her.

Can't wait to see your pics of the WF Noel. ^^ There are absolutely no pics of her anywhere other than the official ones.

GGX or GGX2 on PS2 are good games. Haven't played anything past GG Isuka tbh, so I couldn't reccommend anything newer. Never had an Xbox or Wii. >< The new game GG Xrd Sign looks amazing. I'm already in love with the new character, Elphelt.

I almost bought the complete set of straps item #179629 comes from, but it was $40 or so and I had already spent enough money that month. Too much money to spend when I really only want 3 from the entire set. ~.~
02 days agoYoshi4dYoshi4d
Sorry about that ^^; Thank you.Chloe-tsundere (2 days ago) #2406814Hi there,
I dunno if you read my profile but i dont accept random fr no more
Tho i think our tastes might be in common so i will accept it for now,.
02 days ago (2 days ago)alazif03alazif03
Chloe-tsundere (2 days ago) #2406092Btw what happened with your WF noel order xO?

The figure is on the way. I must say that I'm really anxious now. The only option is to wait and see how she is. If she's decent I may never be sure if she's legit or not.

I paid with Paypal so I can use them if I want to return it and be refunded. I trust more Paypal than eBay.

Concerning Rachel's stap, I think the link didn't work. Can you send it me again?
02 days agoalazif03alazif03
Chloe-tsundere (2 days ago) #2406082Just press duo and check the comment.. It is the one below sbab ^^ we were talking about dakis mugs etc
And forwarding means you fill in everything yourself do everything yourself but use BiJ their address ;) you buy a ticket of 500 yen and they ship it to you :) so it isnt like a proxy, they also offer proxy service tho
Whoa they sure take their time then...strange
I dunno if hazama is 2WT but i assume it is since tsubaki is it as well

First time I use the duo option...

You're right, I checked and it's not mentioned 2WT like for Rachel's Daki! (ext link) Their prices are the same but not their sizes... For Tsubaki it's written 80% Polyurethane and 20% polyester. Tsubaki comes from Comiket 84, Hazama from C85 and Rachel from C86, they are probably made similarly.

Some weeks ago, I registered on Tenso, a site for forwarding service, and got a fictive address which allows me to buy items in Japan without a proxy. I never tried though. But It's easier with a proxy for sure.
02 days agoalazif03alazif03
Chloe-tsundere (2 days ago) #2405999But remember the quality.. Oh rlly? I didnt say anything thrn
Btw it seems you forgot my comment .. :P i mean the ones before i posted this we had a big convo remember ^^
Yeah indeed i just spotted the 600 yen one.. And well even if it isnt your favorite.. It is only 600 yen o.o lol
Im thinking about getting a rachel strap :) the one i posted on your profile before
Why wait until november? O.O
So you will display both? And sleep with none?

Yes the quality of Mina's Daki is not top but I'll have Hazama's one! I'm planning to keep it for cuddling. Fromjapan didn't receive it yet. I'm really impatient to discover how a 2WT Daki is.

I asked a member who bought Rachel's Daki and he said he requested Fromjapan to find it. If I can buy it directly from Arc shop I think I'll try a forwarding service. Never used before... otherwise i'll ask BiJ... In any way, I spent all the money I have this month so I've got to wait.

I'm sorry but I don't remember what we were talking about... Was it BB game?

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