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Not accepting random fr anymore! So please message me before adding or talk to me first at least..

◕ ‿‿ ◕ ◕ ‿‿ ◕

about me?
im just a die-hard louise fan who wishes to own all merchandise and figures of her, and I am quite near that accomplishment <3
after that I got more goals:
1.getting all native figs I like
2. Gettng the kokonoe rins i like
3. having all blazblue/catherine merch there is
4. getting the good tsundere figures
5. having many tony taka figs ( from shining heart etc.)

I also maintain 3 clubs: nana to kaoru fanclub , zero no tsukaima fanclub and makai tenshi jibril fanclub!

I started collecting when I joined MFC, and I already got this many figures in such a short time :O >///<

I love ecchi stuff <3 I dont like vulgar naked like giga pulse does, but beautiful artwork pieces with a bit of nudity like native does :) thats my view on it
(though there are some exceptions cause I like bondage outfits)
my most expensive one is 145 euro for chigusa nana black ver. but she is worth it!
(plus chantilly and neige for freaking 256 euro)

further well .. im a proud bi-sexual girl :) and I support all those lesbians or gays out there who are ashamed just dont be and be yourself :3

I also like meeting people who got a passion/obsession for a certain character like I have <3
and... I love tsunderes A LOT <3 beside louise I love mio isurugi much but other tsunderes too, too many to like!

also a weird fact about me: eventhough I own many pink haired characters my favourite color is most definitly not pink but turqoise! and I dislike pink in rl XD but on characters I think pink hair suits them

also im in love with artworks and figures based on them (for example tony taka) :D

Plus im very much in love with UchihaxDante
My love <3

and I got a collection of mangas too but too lazy to add them all up here about 200-250 (added in a list, tho not all are in the database)

what more to tell ... not much right ? beside that im a die-hard otaku who also loves cosplaying and watching anime :) and being a talkative spontaneous girl

my best online friend here is euler271
someday we will meet :)
As well as my lovely cutie Nana_Chigusa

if you wish to know more ... feel free to ask ;D

bye bye~

also some consider me unfriendly, cause I am a direct person now and then but that is mainly due to autism or due to the person itself :)

P.s. Louise is my waifuu!

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016 hours agoTenoriLoveTenoriLove
Chloe-tsundere (16 hours ago) #2359928Same here! I also like nagi sanzenin a lot, i lost my interest in shana tho.. As the 3rd season ruined it for mr

I've never seen Hayate the combat butler,but I saw something like 4 or 5 episodes of Shana,I need to go on! It was kinda cool u.u
020 hours agoTenoriLoveTenoriLove
Chloe-tsundere (1 day ago) #2359120Definitly agree! I feel the same way with louise
I bought ZnT already and toradora uk release is coming soon, which i preordered :) !
Gotta love teunderes

They also have the same Seiyuu! I love Rie Kugimiya ;3;
01 day agoTomTheCatTomTheCat
Chloe-tsundere (1 day ago) #2359190Will ask them then to make sure :)
Well youre a guy so you dont need to worry but trust me on a girl it kinda looks weird.. I have it with my ho,o shirt atm..
And it is this one X///X btw this ofc is bootleg and mine is rl:
(ext link)
But the real one is kind of jeans-like as it is old shashin told me that and he pretty much knowseveeything about dakis
So yeah one side is uhm quite hentai-ish which i normally am against.. But the pther side is my cup of tea

Tbh, I can't see what you're worried about. She even has her panties still in place. It may be an uncomfortable or unaccustomed situation for Louise, but in my eyes, it's far from porn. There are other dakis advertised on this page that are much closer to porn.

And yes, Shashin is the daki guru. If you like the front side enough to accept the back side and the ancient material, you should get it. You're probably not going to cuddle with it anyway, are you? Just use it like a tapestry ;-)
01 day agoTomTheCatTomTheCat
Chloe-tsundere (1 day ago) #2359121Hmm not sure it seems like a baggy shirt with a high collar meant for men.. I saw an interesting louise daki tho! Veeery sexy 6k :)
(ext link)
But one side is quite uhm... Loli porn :') and other is cute so im not entirely sure yet >.< plus the fabric isnt soft shashin told me
they told me they would accept paypal once i placed the order :3 so no worries about CC

I'm not so concerned with such nuances. I just put my T-shirts on XD

Can't judge the daki, I have no idea what the reverse side looks like. If you're comfortable with it, go for it! Be careful about Sapporo store though, I had an order with them recently and they quoted the actual value on the invoice, causing me to have to pay an insane amount of customs. By all means try to arrange with them first that they lower value. All other Manda stores lower their values by default without me having to ask for it...
01 day agoTenoriLoveTenoriLove
Chloe-tsundere (1 day ago) #2358772Hi there! Thanks for accepti it seems we will get along, taiga is my 2nd in line waifuu (so no 2 from my top 3 as i only got 1 waifuu for life!)

Taiga is so adorable ;A;
She's pretty even when she's angry ♥

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