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Not accepting random fr anymore! So please message me before adding or talk to me first at least..

◕ ‿‿ ◕ ◕ ‿‿ ◕

about me?
im just a die-hard louise fan who wishes to own all merchandise and figures of her, and I accomplished that <3 and im no.0 in the popularity list, a sweet coincidence is it not? (Louise the zero X Chloe 0)
my other goal is to keep my collection of prepainted figures around 140 :)

I also maintain 4 clubs: nana to kaoru fanclub , zero no tsukaima fanclub and makai tenshi jibril fanclub and the drills club

I started collecting when I joined MFC, and I already got this many figures in such a short time :O >///<

I love ecchi stuff <3 I dont like vulgar naked like giga pulse does, but beautiful artwork pieces with a bit of nudity like native does :) thats my view on it
(though there are some exceptions cause I like bondage outfits)
my most expensive one is 145 euro for chigusa nana black ver. but she is worth it!
(plus chantilly and neige for freaking 256 euro)

further well .. im a proud bi-sexual girl :) and I support all those lesbians or gays out there who are ashamed just dont be and be yourself :3

I also like meeting people who got a passion/obsession for a certain character like I have <3
and... I love tsunderes A LOT <3 beside louise I love mio isurugi much but other tsunderes too, too many to like! from extreme to subtle tsunderes like mao M !
Here is a nice tsundere song by the tsundere voicaloid akita neru

[ext link ]

As well as many might know, i love discussions. If you ever think I attack you personally, kindly pm me that first before posting in public as I probably never meant it that way and can adjust my comment :) I get hurt quite easily when "humiliated" in public..

also a weird fact about me: eventhough I own many pink haired characters my favourite color is most definitly not pink but turqoise! and I dislike pink in rl XD but on characters I think pink hair suits them

also im in love with artworks and figures based on them (for example tony taka) :D

Plus im very much in love with UchihaxDante
My love <3
We are married 2-11-2015 <3 at the exact date we had a relationship for 5 years

and I got a collection of mangas too but too lazy to add them all up here about 200-250 (added in a list, tho not all are in the database)

what more to tell ... not much right ? beside that im a die-hard otaku who also loves cosplaying and watching anime :) and being a talkative spontaneous girl

my best online friend here is euler271
someday we will meet :)

if you wish to know more ... feel free to ask ;D

bye bye~

also some consider me unfriendly, cause I am a direct person now and then but that is mainly due to autism or due to the person itself :)

P.s. Louise is my waifuu!

And kongou (arpeggio) best shipgirl!

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06 days agoachetaacheta
Your inbox is full ^.^
06 days agoBlackthunderBlackthunder
Chloe-tsundere (7 days ago) #16403905You havent added the clock right? I dont see it ^^ and thats ok :p well maybe there is something i dont have yet who knows =P but figire-wise i got everything except GKs
Right, probally a mix of "forgott" to add and forgott you can add things likes "clocks" :D
Added it :)
My Figure Family gonna grow more, slow but it gonna grew :)
So nice you got so many^^
07 days agoBlackthunderBlackthunder
Chloe-tsundere (7 days ago) #16403836Np and yeah i know but otherwise i forget
Got any new items? I pretty much got everything so not ordering much

Im far from everything :c
The Clock was my last, but its very nice :)
07 days agoBlackthunderBlackthunder
Chloe-tsundere (8 days ago) #16373307Happy birthdaymy fellow louise lover
Thank You :)
(had to wait with checking the posting, bec day to early again ;) )
019 days ago (19 days ago)xCommandoxCommando
Chloe-tsundere (20 days ago) #16104530Hey how are you my friend?
Just lwtting you kmow i didnt forget about the daki paymwnt (me to you ofc xD) tho i kind of regret spending so much so i might sell it but first i pay you. Then again if i seel i might regret it ugghhh xD
Anyways other topic:
Trump has won heh are you happy with that?
And i came back from ireland this sunday it was sooooo awesome. I learned a lot about the history there and saw a lot of the nature :) i even conquered my fear by crossing the rope bridge in northern ireland called carreck a rede sooooo scary so i had to get some goodies to remind me of this xD but damn the wind was sooo hardi even had to turn back so it got even more scary xD then again that made me cross the bridge sooo fast the 2nd time lol (first time i went slow :p and i thought i didnthad to cross it twice >.< )
Been to belfast and went on a tour by bus. Other tourbus went to west ireland was really nice as well :) cloffs of mohak or somwthing was especially pretty :) and we stayed in dublin the entire dayd (4 nights) so 2 days in dublin was fun too! Oh too much i wish i could show you :)

Yoo~ I'm good thanks! Hope you've been well too. Sorry I wanted to reply sooner but my work schedule just wouldn't allow it. >: Thanks a bunch for rememberingg, but I can't let you sell it Chloe. 3: So consider it an early Christmas present then and don't even worry about it.

About Trump, haha.. I'm not exactly politically savvy but after watching all the debates my opinion of him is that he's an idiot(among many other things), but Clinton also seems to be very corrupt so I just didn't vote. I don't think he's the kind of person who should be president but it's not as though anything can change that at this point, so oh well. At least the dollar to yen rate has been tipping in our favor since he was elected..

Your trip sounds like it was really fun. I didn't know you were into the great outdoors. :O I hate bugs and sweating so I'm not much for hiking, and heights, forget about it. D: That sounds scary. I don't like being up high knowing there's nothing keeping me from falling. Like being on a plane is fine because the chances of it having a malfunction are slim. I've also skydived before though which you'd think I'd never have done considering, but I guess I was okay with the idea of having a parachute and then two backup chutes on top of that. -shrug- I'm more of an aquatic nature type fan. :D Seems like you enjoy traveling and adventuring though, so that's pretty cool. I work with a girl who is planning on going backpacking up mountains in China next year and I'm just like ehhh no thank you, too much work. Haha.

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