Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otakuLouise my 2d Waifuu!! <3 and victor my 3d husbandoo lol


Not accepting random fr anymore! So please message me before adding or talk to me first at least..

◕ ‿‿ ◕ ◕ ‿‿ ◕

about me?
im just a die-hard louise fan who wishes to own all merchandise and figures of her, and I am quite near that accomplishment <3
my other goal is to keep my collection of prepainted figures around 140 :)

I also maintain 3 clubs: nana to kaoru fanclub , zero no tsukaima fanclub and makai tenshi jibril fanclub!

I started collecting when I joined MFC, and I already got this many figures in such a short time :O >///<

I love ecchi stuff <3 I dont like vulgar naked like giga pulse does, but beautiful artwork pieces with a bit of nudity like native does :) thats my view on it
(though there are some exceptions cause I like bondage outfits)
my most expensive one is 145 euro for chigusa nana black ver. but she is worth it!
(plus chantilly and neige for freaking 256 euro)

further well .. im a proud bi-sexual girl :) and I support all those lesbians or gays out there who are ashamed just dont be and be yourself :3

I also like meeting people who got a passion/obsession for a certain character like I have <3
and... I love tsunderes A LOT <3 beside louise I love mio isurugi much but other tsunderes too, too many to like! from extreme to subtle tsunderes!

Here is a nice tsundere song by the tsundere voicaloid akita neru

(ext link)

As well as many might know, i love discussions. If you ever think i attack you personslly, kindly pm me that first before posting in public as i probably never meant it that way and can adjust my comment :) i get hurt quite easily when "humiliated" in public..

also a weird fact about me: eventhough I own many pink haired characters my favourite color is most definitly not pink but turqoise! and I dislike pink in rl XD but on characters I think pink hair suits them

also im in love with artworks and figures based on them (for example tony taka) :D

Plus im very much in love with UchihaxDante
My love <3
We are going to marry next year <3

and I got a collection of mangas too but too lazy to add them all up here about 200-250 (added in a list, tho not all are in the database)

what more to tell ... not much right ? beside that im a die-hard otaku who also loves cosplaying and watching anime :) and being a talkative spontaneous girl

my best online friend here is euler271
someday we will meet :)

if you wish to know more ... feel free to ask ;D

bye bye~

also some consider me unfriendly, cause I am a direct person now and then but that is mainly due to autism or due to the person itself :)

P.s. Louise is my waifuu!

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03 minutes agoKcazerKcazer
Chloe-tsundere (5 hours ago) #2855542Omg im so excited wondering if you will win her
Unfortunately, I was working when the auction ended, and my 15k wasn't enough to win :(

Anyway, I'll probably buy some CD from suruga-ya, but that will have to wait until I have a bigger house xD

And yeah, I've updated my list, BD boxes for the 3 seasons, and some CDs
05 hours agono_good_nameno_good_name
Yeah i got her real cheap as well, real happy to have her in my collection.
07 hours agojaesenjaesen
Chloe-tsundere (7 hours ago) #2855471Senjougahara is not a tsundere tho :P
Yeah she is and i love toradora as well! Taiga is my 2nd favorite, louise being 1st lol
Glad you love tsunderes as well :) !
True, she's a self-proclaimed tsundere but I guess she doesn't really act like one at all :p
013 hours agojaesenjaesen
Chloe-tsundere (1 day ago) #2854165Cute taiga pic you got :3 just a passerby~~Hehe, hi! Taiga is wonderful :) Toradora has been my favourite anime ever since I've watched it. And I agree, Tsunderes are great. My favourites are probably Taiga, Senjougahara and Kurisu :)
023 hours agoNanashiSamaNanashiSama
Chloe-tsundere (1 day ago) #2853273Ahh youre so lucky then!
I wish I had that kind of luck.. Been looking forever to complete my louise collection... Maybe once i go to japan i will find her :)
item #6784 and a trading fig item #170018
After those my louise mission is complete :) and i will buy the MDD as a final buy :)
So which ones will you request?
You played Catherine? Liked the game as well? :) you prefer C or K ? :P

I decided not to request anything... I'm going to a Comic Con in May, so I will just stock up on figures there. I did play Catherine, and I love it. I got all the hidden endings, and I honestly like all of the 'True Endings' Cheater, Freedom, and Good... But I prefer C.

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