Chloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otakuCan you handle the tsun to unlock my dere?

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Chloe-tsundere (4 days ago) #21430949
Why would you be embarassed really if she were an adult? I mean.. bo sorry i dont get it :p its just nude art like unless shes obviously masturbating or so.. (its why im actually going to sell saeki ai now that she has a different version :) ) I dont feel ok with sex implies tbh (tho yes i got a H collection but thats not out in the open and shared with my husband.. its mainly his lol aside from doujins) and yeah i dont want aoba as he looks like hes about to get raped.. and i hate rape ^^" but ifyoure happy with him, its good right? :) its your room and collection

Well, I don't know, it's just that I think I won't feel comfortable with this kind of figures. You mentioned Saeki, it's the same with the 1st Maya or Aoi item #236319. But who knows? I might change my mind in the future. I already pushed away my limits when it comes to T2 stuff.

Regarding Aoba, it's a bit different: it was a real collector purchase because it's the 1st R18 male figure. I told you before that I like BL and even though I'm not fine with everything in DMMd, I still enjoy the chara-design and some characters (Aoba, Clear and Koujaku). When I ordered the figure I wasn't sure I could unpack it. And I'm displaying it in a "quite soft way" without the collar, the handcuffs (that gives a too strong image of sex slave and I can't stand it). And no penis up! I tried it but it's not what I want to have before my eyes every time. I guess there's no logic in it.
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Chloe-tsundere (2 days ago) #21484979[ext link ]
Handig voor je vriend/man?
Dit is in nl heeft wel beperkter assortiment maar hebben bijv edamame bonen (soja dus geen vlees yeey) en ramune bijv :)
Allicht zit er 1 in de buurt mja anders 35,- of meer gratis verzending :) dacht miss als alternatief voor candysan enz

Hey, thanks voor die shop! :D Ik ben bekend met ze! Ik heb familie die in de buurt van een Amazing Oriental woont, dus als ik ze bezoek, maak ik ook altijd even een ommetje om wat koffie, ramune en udon te halen. :) Ik vind hun snack-aanbod zowel online als in de winkel een beetje wisselend in kwaliteit, de ene keer is er best veel Japans spul en de andere keer niet. De meeste van hun niet-Japanse snacks heb ik inmiddels al een keer geprobeerd en zijn in een vast assortiment, dus niet zo veel nieuws meer voor mij om te proberen.

Mocht je ook zin hebben in wat favorieten van mij daar, dan raad ik vooral deze aan: [ext link ] Ze zijn goed vullend ook! Zeker in verhouding tot veel andere instand noodle/udon-achtige maaltijden! :) Oh en welke ook tof zijn, maar die je alleen in de winkel kan ophalen (diepvries), is hun chocolade mochi ijs!
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Chloe-tsundere (3 days ago) #21453877Found the earring.. now only need to repair it

GREAT! I hope everything goes well.
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Chloe-tsundere (4 days ago) #21441097Can you help me find isbn of this item #581673
Ive been searching forever

It seems to be a digital only manga so no ISBN.
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Chloe-tsundere (5 days ago) #21391448View spoilerHide spoilerYes i did ^^ but shes a suggestive loli so i put her with sonico (feel free to check the review)
I havent started the sequel but guess i should :)
Hmm tbh idc what ppl think anymore.. i even added my husband and mine H collection now.
As for where my kinky figs are (lol) most are on top of my closet so unless you know theyre not in direct eyesight :) i got 2 shelves which are more obvious next to the door.. and the 2 tapestries are next to the closet so only to be seen when you close the door or are in bed ^^
I dont find it that suggestive but thats just me ^^" aoba I can understand lol
but i guess your bond with your parents is different. My mom respects it even if it isnt her taste she wouldnt interrogate or ask questions unless I ask what she thinks of it.. and she said what I already said. She thinks the teen or kud looking ones that are nude arent her cup of tea but said nude in general doesnt bother her (so if theyre older..)
I agree its hard but luckily most are so expensive I pass anyways
Ivw thought about throwing boxes away as well.. cause i got a lot of display space left just no room for more boxes.
Also i broke mistral her earring im sooo sad and cant find it anywhere no more :(

Oh nooooo! I hope you'll find the piece and manage to fix it. When I clean my figs or disassemble a Nendo, I'm always afraid that a small accessory falls down and slides under a furniture that I can't move. That's what happened once with Shana's tray item #1562 and it was very difficult to get it back. There's also the fear to step on the piece and crush it °o°

I just had a look at your review of Tae and I understand you were so uncertain about her. But you found the best way to display her. Her face is great and I like the bathroom's part. This version of her is the prettiest, I mean the hair and eyes colors. But well, even she was adult I'd be embarrassed to display her. That may sound strange since I bought Native Aoba.
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OMG! I missed item #547780 ! I desperately need it since I have Jin and Terumi/Hazama. I hope it'll still be available next month.
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Chloe-tsundere (7 days ago) #21346464Yes nana is very precious shes in my favs!
Tho i wish there was a tachi as well.. dont you?
Yeah i found the kit on mandarake for 5k and knew i had to get her :)
Oh? Mine has to be last episode taiga plus miss contest taiga (its so melancholic , rlly suits taiga as there is no fig resembling her sad side)
And i read your convo below.. i am same as you i add what i own or just to complete series. As a ZnT fan i add all of it even those im like wtf is this actually

Oh god, a Tachi figure made by Native would be a fantastic announce ! Her body is totally opposite from Nana but her curves are just beautiful !

You was lucky i guess, GK is really hard to find after event and 5k for this is not expensive at all.

If some circles are nearly completed (or if they have stopped to make new doujinshi) , i'll probably add the missing ones to have a complete chronology but hey, my collection and my taste first :P
(I modified some of your recent entry, manga doesn't work like doujinshi so i added missing information)
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Chloe-tsundere (7 days ago) #21346119Yup well you know mine, quite obvious.. but taiga is a close 2nd :D whats your fav figure of her
I think item #9210 and item #57272 are my favorites, but i think this one item #96792 is my future grail !

I've seen you have the last one and also Nana Chisuga, damn i'm so envious !
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Chloe-tsundere (11 days ago) #21177599View spoilerHide spoilerWell she does but not if they deplict teens or children in the nude so she doesnt like shoujo S or yoshi hotori for example (tae is actually well hidden you only see her face, which is why i like her.. got her for free from an user here still do not know why but im happy :) ) she was afraid i was a hoarder cause at some point i ordered like 5 figures a month so yeah.. but i pretty much quit well not entirely, dont think that ever happensbut i raaaarely buy :) aside from merch. I got 2 figures this year ^^" not much and i think last year about the same :p or a bit more but sold. As long as i stay <140 figures im ok.
Yup houmei is and yup i stick to the 80 rule too its why i prob wont ever get her but its fine i prefer having mistral :) i cant get her umbrella right so I wait for my mom :)
Haha exactly what happened with me.. i was about to type can you please refund my money. Ut decided to wait abit and got a message he send it.. at least it was a good price and i wasnt fast either with paying i guess (1 day later and he got it 2 days later.. as it is bank transfer)
Didnt want to threat him as he migve kept the fig and money..

What!? You've got a figure for free? So lucky!!!

I try to reduce the number of figures I buy but it's sooooo haaaarrrdddddd, especially now that I'm in Nendos too. Regarding scale figures, I want to order only 12 this year and for the moment I'm good: I bought 4 already and have preordered 5. Soon I'm going to throw away some boxes because I start lacking space for them. If the figure has no fragile parts, I'll be rid of the box... even though it can be a disadvantage for the resale.

Yeah, I know my mom wouldn't understand if I'd show her some pieces of my collection such as the Alphamax T2 girls or Native Aoba (my friends too). They're not really hidden, just displayed in a cabinet in my bedroom. You need to get close to see the details of the figures and my mom never goes there. This towel item #295688 is also for my eyes only, hanging up behind my bedroom door, unseen when the door is open. I've got some embarrassing questions when my mom saw the T2 Bunny Sisters (item #331719 and item #331537) for the 1st time! Though they wear clothes, their pose is quite suggestive. They're displayed in my bedroom too but on a shelf outside the cabinet. When you enter the room, you can't miss them. Well, I don't really mind, they look good together and they'll probably be the only 1/4 scale figures I'll get.

By the way, have you read the 4th volume of Scarlet order, the sequel of Dance in the vampire Bund? If you did, do you like how the story ends?
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Chloe-tsundere (15 days ago) #21024560View spoilerHide spoilerOh no i got kotos clalaclan, even worse haha :p i guess i dont find clalaclan appealing as a character.. the alter one is ok but not a wow must buy plus atm shes pretty pricey too..
And thanks, today she arrives.. he kinda took his sweet time it annoyed me but glad i managed to keep my calm and not go like @&?*$# haha :p i just wish he just told me he wont be able to ship fast and i wouldnt be frustrated. Anyways today she arrives so <3
Oh yeah sonia is quite nice too now that you mention it! :) not sure which one to pick now hmm...
oh lucky you and yeah i find her appealing cause she looks more original indeed.. orange hair.. and dont like her other figures much
Oh thats nice.. yeah best i can get her for atm is 100 euros total and im a bit hesistant about spending that.. on misty i had no hesitation though.. :) guess i rather spend 80 euros max on houmei which isnt likely to happen anytime soon. As for assembly my mom is good at it so I usually ask her to help ^^
Must say my favorite shining figure so far is maple :D i really love her.. shes big but not too big :) more a bit 1/4 i guess ^^

I had the same experience with a member who shipped the figure 7 or 8 days after my payment. I was about to ask him to pay me back when he finally answered and said the figure was on her way.

Yes, Sonia looks very good, her face and armor are well made. Really true to the original illustration. Tomo isn't a usual sculptor for the Alphamax Shining or T2 girls, but he did a very good work on her.

Unfortunately, Houmei is pricey. I spent 75€ for her and I don't think she's worth more than 80€. There are less issues with Misty: the biggest I have is the large brown bow that falls down every time I clean her. I'll probably glue it one day.

It's nice your mom can help. Does she like your collection? Mine was highly critical but now it seems she has understood how important my collection is.
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Chloe-tsundere (15 days ago) #21039115Ahh ok ^^ nou dan ander blij ook goed.
Jungle had wel meer van deze character mocht degene ook de rest zoeken.
Weet niet of ze mai otome hadden..

Ik hou een redelijk oogje ook uit op Otome spul, ook bij Jungle! Maar mocht je een keer tegen iets bijzonders stuiten kan je me altijd een berichtje sturen! :D

Over het algemeen is Otome spul vaak duurder en moeilijker te vinden dan Hime (jammer voor mij). :/

Hoe gaat het met jou en garage kits trouwens? :D Nog aan het oefenen geweest de laatste tijd? Ik heb zelf voor het eerst in heel lang eindelijk weer eens aan een kit gewerkt en hoop deze tijdens de zomer af te maken! ^^
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Chloe-tsundere (17 days ago) #20969237Mai hime garage kit, wat voor jou?
[ext link ]

Oh, dank je wel voor het aan mij denken!

Ik verzamel alleen geen Mai Hime meer, alleen nog Mai Otome tegenwoordig. Dus ik speel die link even door aan een ander MFC lid die pas nog tegen mij zei dat hij exact die figure zocht! Zal 'ie vast blij mee zijn! :) Thanks!
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Chloe-tsundere (20 days ago) #20841788View spoilerHide spoilerOh thats good, just revive the club. I did the same with blazblue club tho theres not much to mention atm..
And i got mistral for 90 euros total so im pretty pleased as in the past i paid 140 and sold her for that :) she will look nice indeed instead of clalaclan knight.. kinda my impulse buy as i dont like her as much as i thought.. but shes tough to sell...
Tho i also like houmei for element shelf item #42031
Hmm from what i remember ps2 wasnt region locked :) so shouldnt affect it.. but id have to double check on that.
Yup exactly and i disagree there are quite some that have it.. wind water ice fire so far tho i do miss earth.. but this one could tho shes hefty priced: item #6293
Since shes on a rock or perhaps eventho its not physical item #9113
As shes obvious an earth elf

Congrats for Misty!
I also don't like Alter Clalaclan, her face looks weird to me. My fav Shining armor figure is Sonia item #273107 who's sitting on a rock so maybe it could work as the earth element. Though her armor isn't complete (leg parts are missing) she's very pretty. It's an Alphamax one and she's bigger than item #6293 even though the scales are the same. You can see on this pic picture #927787 that she looks more like the 1/8 figures around her. But she's original and the best fig of Kanon. I bought mine from an other French member than 3 years ago. She's one of the most original among Shining figures so she was kind of a must-have for me.

I'm reserved about Houmei: she looks great BUT she's hard to assemble, to put on her base properly and some parts easily fall when you move her. Moreover mine doesn't want to keep her feather fan whatever I do. Fortunately I grabbed her new, in France, with 50% off... and it was the last one. Therefore I'm not too bothered by these issues. And she's Misty's big sister so I needed her too *-*
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Chloe-tsundere (24 days ago) #20712743Found it on yahoo, 500 yen
[ext link ]

awwwwh thank you so much finding it for me >///<
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Chloe-tsundere (20 days ago) #20864182~
If memory serves right, I purchased the eternal sonata / trusty bell soundtrack through eBay.
Hope that helps :)
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Chloe-tsundere (22 days ago) #20772722View spoilerHide spoilerYeah guess an emulator will be needed? Tho im not sure if ps2 is region locked.. i think it isnt.. so might give it a shot.. will ask some sellers on ebay perhaps ^^
As for koto yeah not all suck, i love the 2 i own ^^ (lorna and sakuya crimson) and i agree on rinna :) she looks good too. And mistral i kinda like too tho less than alters version.
Plus elwing... rest didnt grab me.
Rufina looks meh thanks to the see through plastic element.
Velvet by alphamax is my fav too! :D But i quite like reiko too ^^ i prefer alphamax over kotobukiya
I already got orchid seed blanc neige dont need another one ^^
Nah has to be more obvious like sakuya her fire base.. that elwing has wind beneath her so i like her
Lorna is in a different shelf.
Swimsuit versions dont attract me much.. so kirika never appealed to me..
Violet ver well made but not a must have.. dunno why
Hmm i dont think so either but koto often messes up the face.. like it looks lifeless..
And some look too similar design wise so i prefer not getting for example reiko and annabelle. But i do like xiao mei shes more unique and 1 of each is ok. Hard to explain i guess..

I'd like to know what eBay sellers will answer. I saw the mention "NTSC" on several ads, it matters for TV so I wonder if it can have consequences for games.

Ok now I understand what you mean about your Shining figs: you want a "physical" representation of the elements. Interesting. But there aren't a lot of possibilities though ice wins over the others. If you get the Alter Misty again, you'll have water since the figure is sliding on it. The scale is different but this Misty is quite big so it may fit.

Ah! I forgot to tell you that I followed your advice and became a mod for Tony FC. My idea to create a new club doesn't really interested other members.
022 days agoBloodFlowerBloodFlower

I see that you have been adding a lot of doujinshis recently. Just a quick note: only on NSFW covers should the thumbnail be cropped with the face of the character, all other media should have a full crop thumbnail. I understand if you've gotten confused about that as most doujinshis are cropped with the face due to being a NSFW cover, which seems to be the most common. But the standard rules still apply even on doujinshis.
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Chloe-tsundere (24 days ago) #20712116View spoilerHide spoilerThey are? Woe never knew shame on me want to play those badly!
Thanks for sharing hehe
Edit: csnt find it anywhere.. is it EU release?
Well i guess you got what i have with louise. With tony art however im very picky. Some just look too much alike so i feel meh about em.
Its why i like thr jigsaw i got with shiawase no pan theme.. those 3 look unique.
Sadly in my opinion koto ruins most.. the faces just dont shine you know it misses something they feel dull.. only sakuya crimson i liked and is indeed in my favs. I think for me its 1. Mistral 2. Sakuya 3. Lorna ^^ tho i love maple too.. as a figure shes my no.1 atm :) even over mistral..
Yeah i want an elements shelf.. sakuya fire elwing wind.. (or with xecty) and atm i got one 1/8 ice character.. blanc neige but yeah might look better if all are 1/6 so dunno yet but i start to love her again where i first wanted to sell her badly.
Yeah manda seems to carry a lot of tapestries, they tempt me but i just dont want to decorate everything with tapestries tho..

Maybe it was only a US release? Sorry, an other member talked to me about the English vers. but I didn't look for the games since I don't have a PS2. I've checked on eBay and it seems that Tears has an English vers. not Wind. I only bought games in France and Japan but I guess a US vers. can't be played on EU PS2.

Yeah, you could say that T2 characters are my waifu! I know that lots of people think that he always draws the same face but that's absolutely not my opinion! And I like both the male and female characters. I'd like to see some Shining boys turned into figure: Rick (Hearts), Alvin (Hearts/elf, Ranah and Altina's elder brother), Yuma (Resonance) or Levin (Ark).

I agree, some Koto Shining figs don't look as good as they should, but some are well-made such as Rufina item #78670, Xiao Mei item #88164 or Kirika item #331577 and Rinna item #287819. My fav Shining figs are Alphamax ones though, Velvet item #161261, Sakuya mode Violet item #164566 and Kirika swimsuit vers. item #219009.

The bigger Blanc-Neige must be Orchi Seed one. Which Blanc Neige do you want? The awakened Rouna (Lorna) is also an ice character so maybe item #106670 could fit. But if you don't play the game, it won't make sense.
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Chloe-tsundere (25 days ago) #20652400View spoilerHide spoilerHmm maybe i try the psp ones and ps2 :) domt have ps3 ^^
Ahh youre a fan too? Sadly i never managed to get those limited goods of her ive been trying and keep an eye on manda.. alter mistral i can get for 95 euros total atm but cant afford it.. only 90 so yeah just those 5 euros -_- annoying.. but she doesnt seem to sell fast ive seen so many ppl selling her so ^_^ im not too worried. Convention comes first as tonight is rush hour for hotel room.. hopefully i get it :/ had to borrow my dads creditcard so i better get one But yeah that will be expensive so have to cut a bit this month for figures.
I got the mistral jigsaw and framed it, it looks beautiful :D so it became my favorite. I expected it to be very hard but i was surprised how fast i finished the jigsaw.
As for those tapestries i like the one with mistral and kaguya (or whatever shes called) it has been on my wishlist for a while.. but tbh i rather have jigsaws framed than tapestries.. i like jigsaws framed looks better than tapestry for me. I got 2 now and maybe if lucky i get more shining jigsaws on manda. The one of kokura was cancelled.. tho they didnt bother to put it as sold even after i "purchased" it
Hmm i kinda want a mug too but i want it to be dish proof and thats always arisk.. i lost 2 mugs already cause they couldnt handle dishwasher nor hand wash... and tbh i dont buy mugs to display them.
I regret selling mistral yeah but back then she was 140 euros and was in a pinch... now i get her again for less soon anyways so guess it was meant to be.
No not the dakis, but those dakis in figure form yes ^_^ the dakis btw are on mandarake.. 4,5k if im not mistaken but im good daki wise.. and most tony dakis dont have good quality sadly so i tend to avoid em.
item #70976
Got these cardsleeves of mistral as well. From manda

Shining Tears and Wind have been released in English (at least Wind). For PSP, I recommend you Blade because Misty is a playable character in it (while in Hearts just only an opponent) and there's the Crimson mode of Sakuya which you like too (it's also my fav), and a lot of characters such as Rage, Rick, Clalaclan, Xecty, Ryuna, Altina, Seena, Ranah, Kureha, Elmina...

Oh! you meant the figs of Elwyn and Xecty, I completely misunderstood. They look good together. To me, this fig of Elwyn is the best of this character. Though I'd prefer to have her with a bow like on this illustration: item #132713. She's a recurring character but not playable in all games. I'm also looking for item #294068 but I've only seen it overpriced at Suru or Yahoo. Most of the times, tapestries are cheaper at Manda so I hope being lucky one day.
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Chloe-tsundere (26 days ago) #20617888Is shining released in english or you did en emulator or something? Cause if its the latter i cant play..
Yup i still love shining stuff i was about to buy elwing x xecty but sadly he sold it so was too late *sulk*
I like the final scene side better :) never rlly digged the swim suits much
My favorite girl by looks is mistral nereis! Im now hunting her alter figure. I owned her in the past but sold her to a friend of mine.. now want her back
Since you like kirika, heres a tapestry on manda [ext link ]

No, I play the PSP/PS3 games in Japanese (don't have a PS2 for Tears and Wind). Even though I can't understand everything, I'm having a lot of fun! That's wonderful to play a game whose characters are designed by Tony. For the moment, I'm playing Shining Ark. It's not the best though, I prefer Blade and Resonance and my favorite remains Hearts.

Do you mean this Daki item #482945 or this one item #482948? I bought Elwyn's Daki at Suru for 2,6k. However I missed item #482952 sold at Surugaya too, I hesitated to order it and then it was gone. Next time, I'll be quicker.

Oh yeah, the Alter Misty is my fav figure of this character, I won't ever sell her. I bought 2 tapestries with her item #220136 and item #412092, a keyholder item #106813 and a strap item #522497. I'm also hunting a mug which was a store bonus for Blade Arcus. Since I ordered the Ebten version, I didn't want to buy 2. I've never seen this mug until now though.

Thanks for the link, I've seen this tapestry and maybe I'll buy it.

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