ChoppiChoppi 知り合いじゃなくて、友達じゃなくて、オレたちは「FAMILY」!

my life revolves around collecting
my life revolves around one piece
thus, my life revolves around one piece collecting
Hi! Nice to meet you, I'm Lauren! Welcome to my page! I have finally settled on dedicating my entire collection to solely One Piece... With some exceptions, of course, like anything I can find of Umineko no Naku Koro ni (it's tied with One Piece as my favorite series), Dollfie Dream/Super Dollfies, and plushes.

Feel free to message me any time via a comment on my profile, private message, or whatever! I'm very socially awkward but I will do my best! Awhile back I cleared all my old comments on my page, so that's why it's so empty right now, but I'd love for it to get filled up again. So I hope we can be friends and stuff!

Oh! And I will be adding loads of rare older One Piece merch to the MFC database over time. Only ones that I personally own, though... I gotta make my digital collection showcase on here accurate!!

... oh yeah and i am also way too obsessed with trafalgar law

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