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012 days agoHypedSniperHypedSniper
Choppi (13 days ago) #23293778Hi there!! :D Thanks so much for your comment, it's very nice to meet you! You can also never have too much Ace; you chose such an awesome character to collect(^∇^)It's so exciting to meet fellow One Piece collectors and can't wait to see your collection grow! Definitely sending you a friend request ASAP!
EDIT: I'm also a fan of Pokemon, JoJo, and Osomatsu-san too!

Wow thank you so much for the friend request ^^ nice to meet you too!I hope my collection gets better since I doubt I will ever stop loving his character X3 I'm really waiting on the Ace S.O.C figure! I love meeting others that share the same interests as I do! I hope I don't annoy you with these questions buut... What are your favourite pokes?? I'd say mine are Honchkrow, Toucannon, Vileplume, Alomomola etc. (there are too many ><) Which characters are your faves in Jojo and Oso??^^ I personally love, Jonathan, Caesar, Kakyoin (why do I love characters that are killed off TmT)and Okuyasu Ichimatsu and Karamatsu in Oso are my faves :3 I heard that there will be a season two. :D (sorry)
113 days agoHypedSniperHypedSniper
Hi! I love your one piece collection!! I have been seeing your comments and ordered status a lot on one piece merch pages so I thought that I should check out your page ^^ Law heaven! You can never have too much Law
(ノ^о^)ノ One day my collection will be as awesome as yours hopefully haha!
015 days agosteffi-pandasteffi-panda
Choppi (15 days ago) #23189091Hi there! You have such an amazing Ace collection! :D I've been seeing your name in the "ordered" section of One Piece stuff so I decided to check out your page!
Are you trying to collect all of the Ace merch that you can possibly find? That's so cool!! I'm trying to do the same with Law. Best of luck to both of us on our quests!! \o/ Collections that are based around one character are always my favorite!!
Hello, Thanks! Yes I am trying to collect as much of Ace as possible. I love Ace!❤❤❤ That's awesome wish you luck with your quest too!
015 days agosteffi-pandasteffi-panda
Wow, nice one piece collection! You seem have quite the Law collection. Thanks friend request. ☺


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