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- Welcome! Here's a bit of info about me -

Anime is something that I would consider one of my favourite things in this world, and has been the constant thing in my life for quite a long time, sticking with me longer than anything else. So I've spent a fair amount of time watching anime over the years and completed a decent amount of series along the way.

Another thing that I really enjoy doing these days is reading eroge/visual novels, and therefore I'm often trying to juggle the two. Though how ardently I keep up with anime is heavily influenced upon by my interest in the current airing season (the ones I really enjoy will most likely get watched the day they air), but I do end up watching a fair few every season. Of course though, I also go through phases where I'll go on an anime marathon for a while and most likely re-watch a few of my favourite series, and sometimes one of the many on my plan to watch list (I've been in this phase lately).

My favourite eroge developers are Yuzusoft, and Saga Planets, but there are many others' whose titles I enjoy.

In regard to this hobby, generally I collect figures and goods from the series I enjoy, and of course, of the characters I love.

Favourite ArtistsFavourite ArtistsIn no particular order, these are just a few of many. It's a hard choice!
(Open the spoiler tag for a taste of their work. Warning: most NSFW)

Muririn (むりりん)

Kobuichi (こぶいち)

Hontani KanaeHide~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hontani Kanae (ほんたにかなえ)

Toranosuke (とらのすけ)

Kimishima AoHide~~~~~~~~~~~~
Kimishima Ao (きみしま青)

Nimura YuujiHide~~~~~~~~~~~~
Nimura Yuuji (仁村有志)

Kantoku (カントク)

Coffee KizokuHide~~~~~~~~~~~~
Coffee Kizoku (珈琲貴族)

A few of my favourite ErogeA few of my favourite ErogeIn no particular order

Sanoba WitchHide~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sanoba Witch (サノバウィッチ)

Senren BankaHide~~~~~~~~~~~~
Senren Banka (千恋*万花)

Amairo IslenautsHide~~~~~~~~~~~~
Amairo Islenauts (天色*アイルノーツ)

Dracu-Riot! (ドラクリオット)

Hatsuyuki SakuraHide~~~~~~~~~~~~
Sakura (はつゆきさくら)

Floral FlowloveHide~~~~~~~~~~~~
Floral Flowlove (フローラル・フローラブ)

Hanasaki Work Spring!Hide~~~~~~~~~~~~
Hanasaki Work Spring! (花咲ワークスプリング!)

Koi x Shin Ai KanojoHide~~~~~~~~~~~~
Koi x Shin Ai Kanojo (恋×シンアイ彼女)

Clover DaysHide~~~~~~~~~~~~
Clover Day's (クローバーデイズ)

Some of my favourite AnimeSome of my favourite AnimeIn no particular order

Girls und Panzer
Sword Art Online
Anything by Shinkai Makoto - Though my favourite is Kimi no Na wa.
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
Love Live!
Code Geass
Strike Witches
Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo
Shinsekai Yori
Monogatari series
Shingeki no Kyojin
Kara no Kyoukai
To Love-Ru

- Feel free to comment or PM me if you want to chat, FRs are welcome -