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02 months agosnowynightssnowynights
Ciciely (2 months ago) #20663455Also,

sAve mE
03 months agoMelKeigoMelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
Ciciely (3 months ago) #19713940Finally have the time!
I see you're also into yaoi from your MAL ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Approved.
At least you know recognize what I am! I figured you would being from Brazil and all but 99% of people are just confused, it's frustrating.
DISNEY WORLD IS THE BEST I'm excited to go to everything Cali has to offer like Harry Potter. My friend just went to Japan for his 2nd time and they went to Disneyland Japan.. I was so jealous!!
Driving here from East Coast took 4 days but you can do it in 2 1/2 days. My mom needed to keep stopping.
That reminds me, if you come here make sure to get a place on the west side or south part of town. Generally left and down. Those are the nicest areas and you'll be closest to the parts of the strip that are the nicest. DO NOT live EAST. But yes I made a lot of friends working there and I go back plenty and get free food/tower admission, shhh
Yeah, I wanna be at full-fledge adult status.

Sorry for the delay! My days have been crazy OTL
Hahaha yup... I've been drowning in yaoi for a while aleady... kuffuuf
Really? Woah I would't have imagined that XD but maybe that's cause when studying Portuguese, we also learn about other countries where the language is also spoken ahhaah
YAS LOVE DISNEY WORLD! Disneyland in California is nice too! But so small compared to the parks here XD I want to try all Disneylands one day... someday... in the far future maybe LMAO OTL Universal Japan also seems amazing, especially for otakus like us
Wow such a long drive! But it's also nice to make stps and see other stuff~
Woah ok! Thanks for the advice XDDD I hope that comes true someday! ;w; HAHAHHA I'll make friends with your friends LMAO just kidding XD
03 months agoMelKeigoMelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
Ciciely (3 months ago) #19542673Ooooh, some of my family speaks Portuguese but my Mom forgot when she was young so they never taught me. We're Cape Verdean. Wish I knew Japanese aside from the basic anime words/phrases you hear so often. I'm actually aiming to visit Japan next Feb if we don't buy a house. After peeping I saw you visit Disneyworld plenty...I'd be lying if I said I didn't miss that but I can just pop over to Disneyland living here, which I still need to do. Long story short you can work in some places of a casino being only 18 as long as you're not handling alcohol or directly on the gaming floor (i.e a gift shop or the starbucks we had downstairs). I let people into the pool at the bottom of the stairs but I went upstairs to hang out frequently and am tight with head of security so I went anywhere and everywhere LOL. We'd be here all day if I were to explain honestly, the crime has gotten way worse for starters though. My parents lived there for 20 years so I'll trust them on it. We move quite a bit. Fun fact: We drove across the country to move and we visited twice before moving here (once without me) and I had fun too! Living here with older friends is a tad annoying when you can't tag along somewhere or go to a nightclub where The Weeknd is performing ლ(ಠ益ಠლ). I don't really have an interest in drinking or gambling, I just wanna be able to go wherever I want lol.
Yay <3

Woah really? That's nice! and such a coincidence lol but too bad your mom forgot >.<
Cool! The only Cape Verdean I've known so far was my bank manager LOL XDD
Hm.. I've been learning Japanese for a while, but mostly conversational and vocabulaty... reading and writing is still too hard for me (TAT)
WOAH decisions hahah both sound awesome though!! And very exciting too XD
Eh.... did I get a stalker (o.o) HAHHA just kidding XD It's all here for people to see anyways LMAO if you'd like to add me on social media feel free ^^/ and yeah I try to visit whenever I can, but sometimes deadlines kill me and my friends don't have pass, so we go when they arrange something ahhaha But yeah you're kinda close to Disneyland in California XD though Disney World is better *runs*
Ohh I see! Thanks for explaining! AHHAHA sounds like you had an awesome time and had some reliable networking there LOL /hmmmm
WOAH ypu drove there! That must have taken a while.... so tiring DX
I see! I'm not into those activities either but yeah if you felt like going out to places where they keep checking your ID... then it'd be annoying hhahah
03 months agoMelKeigoMelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
Ciciely (3 months ago) #19507744Well, not to pry but do you speak another language? That's a big help. Working in a Casino taught me a lot. It was my 1st job ever and I don't have any schooling in hospitality and I was 19 working at a 21+ pool, so I doubt that you won't be able to find a job let alone get sponsored.
I was born there, I loved it as a child and I've visited a few times since leaving but Florida has changed so much (for the worse) that I could never see myself living there again honestly. Plus, the dry heat here is excellent for my asthma, I'm not a fan of cold weather, and my hair looks great LOL there's so much more to do/you're beside California. Living here has honestly made me so happy. WEST COAST BEST COAST AMIRIGHT? ┌༼▀̿ Ĺ̯▀̿༽┐ P.S. Everything is open 24/7 and I turn 21 this August. It's surreal living here.

Hahah don't worry about making questions XD Yeah I speak Portuguese (my native language) and a bit of Spanish and Japanese T3T still learning!!
Tbh I've been studying nonstop ever since high school gradutation, so my only experience is internships.... having a real job scares me a bit HAHAHHA whaaat how did you work there only being 19 LMAO but thanks for your encouragement hahah >.< I hope so too!!

Woah is that so? How has it changed, if you don't mind answering XD
OOHH I totally get what you're saying, omg I love the dryness there hahahahahah it was so good for my skin and hair LOOL plus rainy days ruin my plans... <.< I've been to LV twice and both times I was underage but still had loads of fun! I admire that place so much XD

Oh thanks for the FR! Accepted you <3
03 months agoMelKeigoMelKeigo ~Honey Fairy~
Ciciely (3 months ago) #19494626I left FL when I was 11. Also, I just peeked on your are absolutely cut out for living here if you apply. Pack your bags, hahah! I worked at the Stratosphere for 6 months (seasonal job).

Oh that was sometime ago :o but did you like living here? Which city do you prefer?
Hhahah thanks for reading XD that's also reassuring ;; I hope I find something, even if it`s seasonal... OTL I hope someone sponsors my working visa though OTL hahahaa.......

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