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Hello, I'm Sarah.
I like art. I draw/ paint and sculpt.
Can't say I'm addicted to anime, but it's been in the majority of my life.
I love collecting and playing survival horror games as well (mostly on PS2).

I mostly collect merchandise from Silent Hill, Neon Genesis Evangelion and Berserk.
I like me some Jojo and Zelda too.

I'm sorry if I don't reply in 10 years.
I am mostly active in the blog section of MFC.
I am not good at keeping up casual conversations via comments or PMs.

Also, a little note-to-self, I have item #27218 as a resin kit copy, without The World.
Say hi to my husband.


I am also the creator and/or admin of:
(club #965) && (club #992) && (club #598)
Please join!

I will be selling the following in the near future (I am looking to do a trade with Sonico and Kuma-san):


item #13744
Yui Hirasawa (Alter)
Figure/ box in very good condition
Will sell at $50 + shipping

item #13587
Tamaki Kousaka (Max Factory)
Figure/ Box very good condition
Will sell at $115 + shipping

item #175533
Sonico (Taito)
Figure in very good condition, but NO BOX
Will trade for trading figure(s) and/or Hanged up goods-> (mfc link)
(Anything Evangelion is acceptable, ESPECIALLY Asuka)

item #1182
Kuma-san (Yamato)
Figure/ box in very good condition
Will sell at $30 + shipping
Will trade for a cheap PVC figure or action figure-> (mfc link) or (mfc link)

If you're interested, then let me know, but I won't be selling immediately.
With Sonico and Kuma-san, I can do the trade at anytime. If you want to put one on hold, we can work something out.
Photos can be taken upon request.

I'll make proper ads for Yui, Kuma-san and Tamaki when I am able to sell them.
For now, my dad is not letting me sell my stuff (idk why), so I must wait alittle bit.

My feedback as a seller is here-> (mfc link)

♥ Thanks for visiting this boring page ♥

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