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04 months ago (4 months ago)munekunmunekun
Hi, Are you still selling the Kuroneko figure? If so could you send me any pictures, though I can't PM you as your Inbox Is full.
06 months agoklipsonklipson
Thanks for the add!
06 months agoTomokoIsBesto8TomokoIsBesto8
Cluttercrash (6 months ago) #18670944I noticed that you favourited one of my pics from a while back and you seem to share a lot of my anime tastes so I figured I'd send an invite :>
Thanks for the invite, nice to meet you :)
02 years agoC0ll3ct0RC0ll3ct0R Original farm animal
Yo I seen on manda
[ext link ]
03 years agokevinlowlkevinlowl
Cluttercrash (3 years ago) #1855444Good idea, I just dont wana have to pay for it
Parents. Or sacrifice a figure.

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