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Hi! I've been collecting since Jan. 2016 :D

Some of my interests are:
Favourite Series: Durarara!! • Osomatsu-San • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure • Yuri!!! On Ice • Boku no Hero Academia

Favourite Characters: Shizuo Heiwajima • Karamatsu Matsuno • Yuuri Katsuki • Victor Nikiforov • Jotaro Kujo • Minato Namikaze

Favourite Seiyuu: Ono Daisuke • Junichi Suwabe • Takahiro Sakurai • Maeno Tomoaki • Hiroshi Kamiya • Mamoru Miyano • Toshiyuki Toyonaga

+lots more!

I'm also a League of Legends addict, here is my main acc :3c

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09 months agoidolidol
Thank you so much for accepting my FR!
It's nice to see somebody who likes Ososan + Naruto too!
01 year agokagaroarkagaroar
Yo, sorry about that! Inbox should be open now!
01 year agoMissAbie05MissAbie05
Coda (1 year ago) #9256914Yeah, I've seen you around a lot on the osomatsu pages lol, I like your collection ^^

Thank you! I'm actually running out of space lol.. I need to make room for the new Osomatsu-san figures soon! XD
01 year agocaliascalias
Coda (1 year ago) #9256879Haha thanks, it's kinda all over the place. Also nice to see someone who's into Jojo and Oso too!

Definitely! I love meeting people who are fans of both! The two fandoms overlap quite a bit, if tumblr & twitter are any indication. But figure collectors make up a small area in that Venn diagram...
01 year agocaliascalias
Hello! Thank you for your FR! Your icon is so cute...I'll never get over that face >_>

You have such a varied collection too!

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