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I mainly collect video games, soundtracks, Little Tail Bronx series, CyberConnect2 stuff and random junk, but tend to buy a lot of various items so my collection is pretty much just a big mess of everything.
Has a love-hate relationship with CoroCoro Comics.

I ran out of space for everything a long time ago.

Do not engage in conversation if you're easily offended.
I'm happy to help though, but make sure you've tried searching for an answer first.

The media listed in my collection are only Japanese releases.

Art by 細川誠一郎, num, WAKA, つなこ, 三好誠, JUN IKEDA
©CyberConnect2 Co., Ltd. ©2012 IDEA FACTORY / COMPILE HEART

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01 month agokirby0717kirby0717
I saw you changed the first set, so I changed the second set as well. Thanks!
01 month agomarina40499marina40499
okay sorry, i will put it in ''collection"
01 month agoChloe-tsundereChloe-tsundere The louise otaku
Coffee (1 month ago) #3693095I'm definitely not a fan of those either, but if I saw someone post 350+ of the same comment, regardless, I would report them.
The "Welcome to MFC" comments are annoying as hell, but they usually don't take up 20+ pages in the comments section.
Also, he admitted to using a program meant for spamming comments.

I see thanks for the reply and explanation. Yeah they annoy me so I block those type of users usually.. ^^"
cause I was told they were allowed to do so ;)

Wow 350 is a lot yes >.<"
02 months agoluckythreeeluckythreee
Coffee (2 months ago) #3461052When you sign in, meaning you must have signed out first and be logged out, you get two choices "Remember Me" and "Hide Me". These might only be available from the separate sign in page, and not the one on the front page.
Press the drop down meny, the one that when signed in has you avatar on it and access the log in meny from there.
I hope that might help you some more.

thank you thank you
02 months agoluckythreeeluckythreee
Coffee (2 months ago) #3461041Sign out, make sure the "Hide Me" box isn't ticked in and sign back in.
That way, your online activity should appear again.
Hope this helps.

i can't find the hide me button. do you know where it is?

thank you for taking the time to try and help me :3

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