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I mainly collect video games, soundtracks, Little Tail Bronx series, CyberConnect2 stuff and random junk.
But I tend to buy a lot of various items so my collection is pretty much just a big mess of everything.

I ran out of space for everything a long time ago.

The media listed in my collection are only Japanese releases.

Art by 細川誠一郎, num, WAKA, つなこ, 三好誠
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01 month agoTakeTake Virile Insatiable Beast
View spoilerHide spoilerCoffee (1 month ago) #3012162A lot of games actually dropped in price at the pre-owned market not too long ago, so some of the games where actually not that expensive to get.
Unfortunately, I think Gamecube prices are starting to climb again.
And no, I have played any of those either.
My sister has played both, I think, and she really liked them.
I guess I should play through them as well some time.
And "good" 3D-platformer depends on your definition of "good".
I'm one of those people who tend to play really shitty games but still manage to enjoy them.
But I guess some good ones might be Rayman 2/3, Sonic Adventure 1/2 (if you don't mind running into a few glitches here and there), the Klonoa game although they're not really "3D-platformers", Billy Hatcher, the Banjo-Kazooie games, Chameleon Twist (although not that good, but at least I think it's fun), the Ape Escape series, Sly Cooper, Ratchet & Clank, Jak & Daxter and I dunno, Tokobot?
Rodea the Sky Soldier also seems promising.
I played a couple of stages on the Japanese Wii-version and aside from the terrible controllers, which supposedly have been fixed in the WiiU version, I really liked it.

Really? Where are you located, if you don't mind me asking? I failed to notice such a trend in the French (European?) market, but maybe I wasn't paying enough attention. Gamecube games are really scarce around here, even in specialized physical retailers. So unfortunately I have to heavily rely on the Internet for second-hand GC games.

Yes, if you don't mind semi-VN games, you may very much like Zero Escape games a lot. Would you consider Dangan Ronpa as puzzle games? I guess not. What about Limbo? I enjoyed it quite a lot, thanks to its unique set-up and arts.

From what I understood, I would go with a similar definition as yours for "good" games: enjoyable games, no matter their actual quality. Now that you mention them, I obviously know a lot of those games! I have never been too fond of Rayman games because I don't like the art style but I enjoyed Sonic Adventure DX quite a lot. I especially liked the liberty the player had to explore the nice areas at great speed or by flying around! The Chao breeding was actually kinda nice too. Banjoo-Kazooie games have been on my list for ages now, DK 64 was a huge favorite of mine and I have a feeling I will be able to have a very similar experience with BK. Ratchet & Clank and Jak & Dexter are both really fun games. For some reasons, I naturally quit playing this kind of games when I fell into RPGs due to lack of time, but I kinda miss them now. What makes you stay away from RPG, out of curiosity? And what about Action-RPG like Kingdom Hearts or Child of Light?
01 month agoTakeTake Virile Insatiable Beast
Coffee (1 month ago) #3012069No, not at all.
I simply listed the consoles I tend to play most from instead of listing all the 100+ games I like, so i'm in no way an expert.
And of all the games you could have asked, you actually picked two I haven't played.
I'm not much of an RPG person, never have, never will be yet people seem to expect me to be one.
So nah, sorry to dissapoint.
I do know a lot about Gamecube-games and games in general, and I do know very well what games both Skies and Baiten Kaitos are but I haven't played through them myself.
I'm more of a 3D-platformer/action-adventure/puzzle-games-person.

Ah ah, no problem, it was a random message after all, I guess I simply needed an excuse to start a chat :) I haven't played both of these games either actually, but they are my 2 most wanted games! I have been looking for them for ages, but both are rare and expensive. Had you played them I would have asked you which one I should focus my effort on in your opinion.
I see! Have you played the Zero Escape saga then? I love the 2 games, especially 999. What kind of good 3D-platformer are there out there? I am afraid I'm guilty of only being familiar with Mario/DK games in that regards.
01 month ago (1 month ago)TakeTake Virile Insatiable Beast
Hi there :)
Totally random, but I was browsing your profile and I noticed that you mentioned "Gamecube" in the Game(s) section. Since I have weird logics, it automatically means in my book that you are a Gamecube expert. Therefore, you have most naturally played every single GC game in existence.
Have you played Baten Kaitos and Skies of Arcadia/Eternal Arcadia by chance?
01 month agoAirMasterAirMaster
Nice Collection.
02 months agoReycoenmaReycoenma
Hi Friend, thanks for the edition in the newly acquired items , did not know how to do so unnecessarily fill spaces , a pleasure :)

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