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I mainly collect video games, soundtracks, Little Tail Bronx series, CyberConnect2 stuff and random junk, but tend to buy a lot of various items so my collection is pretty much just a big mess of everything.
Has a love-hate relationship with CoroCoro Comics.

I ran out of space for everything a long time ago.

Do not engage in conversation if you're easily offended.
I'm happy to help though, but make sure you've tried searching for an answer first.

The media listed in my collection are only Japanese releases.

Art by 細川誠一郎, num, WAKA, つなこ, 三好誠, JUN IKEDA, 星樹
©CyberConnect2 Co., Ltd. ©2012 IDEA FACTORY / COMPILE HEART

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012 days agosophieBsophieB
Coffee (12 days ago) #6161611Ouch.

Wow clever.. Let it go dude I'm over it...
012 days agosophieBsophieB
Coffee (12 days ago) #6161451This conversation is way too immature and repetitive so I'm going to do the mature thing and stop.
I really don't like repeating myself and since you're so insisted on acting like a bratty kid just because someone told you you did something wrong, I don't have any interest in continuing this either.
Go take your whining somewhere else.
And yes, I am dead serious, I ain't here to make friends.
In case you didn't get it, this site is a database, not a make-friends-with-everyone site.
Sorry if I shattered your picture of a world where everyone's kissing your ass, telling you how great you are and that you can't do anything wrong.
News flash, some people are mean, get over it.
I've had more meaningful conversations with 10 year olds than I have had with you.
Have a nice day!

You responded but your bored with the conversation, okay.
Honestly I can agree with you on one thing, this is extremely boring. You use the most played out old lame ways of arguing. I mean at least I called you a name, your just constantly repeating your self or trying to use what I say as a insult to you as a insult back at me, what are we in kindergarten?
Really though Who gets mad cuz a online fight is immature? What do you expect, it's a online fight. Sorry grandpa but if you want to have a good interesting argument you need to get a little mean, and not just crash and burn at trying.
The best part is how your turning this around on me, "go take my whining somewhere else"? Are you serious, my god did you forget who was the little bitch that had to say something immediately cuz I was threatening someone...oh no I wasn't doing that,, I was linking wrong. And you let your douchebag flag fly when going on my page being rude. But I can't handle anyone telling me anything, because it couldn't be not what you said but how you said it.
I still really don't know why you keep telling me you don't want to make friends? Some subconscious part of you wants to be my friend. I'm really not surprised.
And yes at 18 years old I never ever had anything ever bad happen to me but now on this site that I supposedly thought it was the make friends with every one site, I got the wake up call of my life! People are mean, "GASP" I never knew!!.... Really, shove that up your ass. So don't respond back, do, I don't care. Your cliche throwing back my insults shit is getting really old anyway. Get over it and move on, cuz I am if you are offended great, I hope you are. Thanks for the time kill.
013 days ago (13 days ago)sophieBsophieB
Coffee (13 days ago) #6137867Oh man, this is getting really boring.
C'mon, at least try to say something other than "haha look at how butthurt I'm not while you are".
It's only fun arguing with people who actually know how to argue.
And I ain't trying to be clever.
If you think that, why thank you.
Maybe I should teach you something new on this site.
Seems you could be needing it in the future considering how bad you are at handling people telling you when you're wrong.
Faq #135
Also, I ain't here to make friends.

Don't do me any favors, if you don't want to through back some butthurt comments my way I won't be crying. Also I'm not arguing with you for the hell of it, you were rude when you commented and I called your ass out, and your trying to defend yourself, badly I mite add. In the end your rude and your little tough ass act is so contrived and played out its laughable, I mean come on "I'm not here to make friends" get over it. Except your wrong and move on, I'm sure there are some 10 year olds you have to go pester about grainy pictures or something.
013 days agosophieBsophieB
Coffee (14 days ago) #6114390I've never seen someone kiss my ass on this site, despite my 3 years here.
I never said I know you, if you somehow think I did, then you really need to stop thinking so highly of yourself.
You're not special.
I'm not special.
No one on this site is.
You keep calling me rude, but you still can't even answer a simple question.
If you're gonna keep being upset about what I write, stop.
Stop replying, cause I sure as hell wont.
As long as there's something to reply to, I will.
Why? Because I freaking love internet arguments.

Wow me to! If you think I'm going to stop your really wrong, this is funny. I love reading your half ass attempts to be clever. If you read my comment earlier you would have seen me say I am not explaining myself to you. Your tone was rude and I'm not going to be talked to that way by some random person. Also I'm not saying that you said you know me, that's the exact opposite of what I was saying, you don't know me, so who are you to talk to me with a bitchy attitude because I did something wrong and it upset you.
You have to have heard that expression before right? Well look you learn something new everyday. ;) I never talked to you before nor have you talked to me, and the first time you leave a comment over something your a jerk? If that's how you talk to people your on the wrong page. So yes let's keep this going, it's amazing how annoyed a person can get for just being called rude. Ha whatever.
014 days agosophieBsophieB
Coffee (15 days ago) #6113552Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks this is extremely hilarious.
But you still never answered my question.
And I got another one for ya as well.
How come, if you're not the one who's upset, but supposedly I am, you're the one deleting the comments?

First of all don't be mistaken, I don't care or mind you telling me about how and how not to link. But you don't know me, so don't think because you been on here for three years and people kiss your ass when your rude to them, I'm going to except that. Like I said you don't know me, and you won't talk to me with a rude tone. If you think you can and I'm supposed to get over it your talking to the wrong person. I don't need to explain myself to you, get over your self. I can delete whatever I want on my page and if you have a problem with that oh well not my problem. So if you want to be as pathetic as I think you are than sure, I love to read your rebuttal.

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