Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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About me:
I'm just a random figure collector on the 'net.

A Friendly Reminder:
Being the antisocial person that I am, I do not accept random Friend Requests from people I don't know.
At least until they meet ONE simple requirement.

If you want to add me, please leave a comment here first or PM me before you send me your friend request.
Or else it will be rejected unless I know you or we've talked before via comments, messages, the forums or somewhere else.

You don't have to comment about my profile or collection, even just a simple greeting will do.
I do this as an informal experiment to see if people really read my profile.
Spam will not be tolerated.
Don't worry, I don't bite. Unless you bite me. ^_~

Acquaintances are exempted from this requirement.

My personal rules:
Rule #1: Avoid ALL bootlegs. (This is absolute!)
Rule #2: Never collect figs of characters I don't like.
Rule #3: Have no regrets. (What comes in stays forever, hopefully)
Rule #4: Keep the boxes if possible. (Heck, I even keep the outer parcel boxes)
Rule #5: Resist collecting figs of characters I don't know.
Within the Madoka fanbase, I consider myself a member of this camp:



I. Figure Collection Member List

<1st Nendoroid Division> (Refreshing Reality)
Current members:
#106 Black ★ Rock Shooter
#118 Touko Amano
#128 Dead Master
#132 Arch Bishop
#123 Yuki Nagato (Disappearance ver.)
#097 Snow Miku
#170 Miku Hatsune (Support ver.)


<2nd Nendoroid Division> (Delicious Delusions)
Current members:

#158 Noumi Kudrayvka (Winter Uniform ver.)
#165 Mayuri Shiina
#174 Madoka Kaname
#182 Homura Akemi
#183 Mami Tomoe
#209 Sayaka Miki
#217 Kyouko Sakura


<3rd Nendoroid Division> (Idyllic Illusions)
Current members:

#335 Hitagi Senjougahara

Future members: (Ordered)

Illusionary members: (They don't exist, but I'd sure like them to!)
Nendoroid Ryoko Asakura (Disappearance ver.)
Nendoroid Kanade Tachibana
Nendoroid Yui-nyan
Nendoroid Rimi Sakihata
Nendoroid Rin Natsume
Nendoroid Rika Furude
Nendoroid Komari Kamikita
Provisional members: (As of now, in my dreams only, but dreams are free, so w/e)
#044 Ryoko Asakura
#092 Marisa Kirisame
#095 Nanoha Takamachi
#099 Fate Testarossa
#107 Feena Fam Earthlight
#115 Remilia Scarlet
#144 Ruri Gokou
#145 Black ★ Gold Saw
#166 Strength
Draft members: (Highly wished / Hard to get / On the fence)
#074 Reimu Hakurei
#093 Luka Megurine
#104 Azusa Nakano
#105 Sakuya Izayoi
#121 Saber (Super Movable ed.)
#126 Noumi Kudrayvka (Summer Uniform ver.)
#129 Miku Hatsune (Absolute HMO ed.)
#130 Kurisu Makise
#134 Nagi Sanzenin
#136 Flandre Scarlet
#141 Youmu Konpaku
#148 Yuyuko Saigyouji
#149 Kurisu Makise (White Coat ver.)
#150 Snow Miku (Snow Playtime ed.)
#164 Riela Marcellis
#167 Cirno
#173 Imca
#175 Madoka Kaname (School Uniform ver.)
#180 Black ★ Rock Shooter (Puchitto ver.)
#199 Sena Kashiwazaki
#249 Kuroyukihime
#285 Ultimate Madoka
Subversive volunteers: (Dangerous Threats to Rule #5 / I don't know who they are, but OMG must resist...! HNNNNGG)
#036 Melissa Seraphy
#073 Nao (Staccato ver.)
#089 Magical Theia
#096 Jiei-tan (096a & 096b)
#122 Sherlock Shellingford (PSP game ver.)
#146 Haru-chan
#157 Erika Sendou
#168 Airi (168a / 1P)
#??? Konomi Yuzuhara (Priestess ver.)


<Nendoroid Petite Army>
Current divisions:
Touhou Project Set 02
Marisa Kirisame
Alice Margatroid
Patchouli Knowledge

Angel Beats! Set 02
Kanade Tachibana
Yuzuru Otonashi

Bakemonogatari Set 01
Hitagi Senjougahara
Koyomi Araragi
Tsubasa Hanekawa

Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou Set
Keena Soga
Junko Hattori

Bakemonogatari Set 03
Karen Araragi
Tsukihi Araragi
Shinobu Oshino

Bakemonogatari Set 02
Nadeko Sengoku
Mayoi Hachikuji
Suruga Kanbaru

Angel Beats! Set 01
Yuri Nakamura
Future divisions: (Ordered)
/*none at the moment*/
Special draft member: (Hard to get / Expensive)
Nanami Nishijou
Kira☆Kira (from B.G.M Festival Set 0)
Kirari Shiino
Draft divisions/members: (Hard to get / On the fence)
Touhou Project Set 01
Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The MOVIE 1st (Final Scene Set)


<Scale Figure Section>
Current members:
1/8 Ryoko Asakura [Max Factory]
1/8 Hitagi Senjougahara [GSC]
1/8 Kanade Tachibana (Tenshi) [GSC]
1/8 Sayaka Miki [GSC]
1/8 Sayaka Miki (Movie ver.) [GSC]
Pending members: (Ordered/Preordered)
Draft members: (Highly wished)
1/8 Miku Hatsune (Standard ver.)[GSC]
1/8 Miku Hatsune (Lat-type ver.)[GSC]
1/8 Azusa Nakano [Alter]
1/8 Nadeko Sengoku [Alter]
1/8 Hitagi Senjougahara [Kotobukiya]


II. Figure Collection Statistic Summary

Current Figure Head Count!
Nendoroid Petite:--------21
Scale Figure:---------------5


Sputnik Sweetheart, Norwegian Wood, The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, Kafka on the Shore, After Dark, The Sword of Truth series
Touhou, some VNs, some doujin games
MOE Point(s)
Blue Hair; Long Hair; Hime Cut; Twintails; Tsundere Tails; Meganekko; Cute Little Fangs; Kuudere; Yandere; Genki; Zettai Ryouiki
Touhou music arranges, Vocaloid songs & covers, Character songs, Anime OPs/EDs/Insert songs, some JPOP
I don't have one, I just borrow my sister's point and shoot
my custom desktop

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Hi :) you seen awesome and like sayka ao I FR'ed you!
2 years ago
DeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
3 years ago
Happy Birthday, Coldlight! Have a good one. :)
3 years ago
Coldlight (4 years ago) #1683176I sure do! So much that I made her the centerpiece of my Madoka★Magica figure collection (still no picture though, as I have no proper camera yet) hmm, I must not be showing her enough love if people still ask me that
Coming from your user name, you're a big fan of Another's Mei, I take it?
From your profile picture, you seem to be a fellow MadoMagi fan as well. Although I personally prefer nendos, I must compliment your figma set of the five MadoMagi girls. :D

Awww thank you... no-one has every complemented me on my collection so it makes me happy to hear that from a fellow collector!

Yes i Love Mei-chan but my waifu is the Lovely Homu-hime!

too bad i can't afford to buy much Homura :/

I think your nendo collection is pretty cool too!
4 years ago
Coldlight (4 years ago) #1681601Well, you did technically pass my little test by leaving a comment on my profile. Let's get along, okay? :) Woooot! Did i tell you i never read your profile >U<

Don't worry i am absent minded so its normal for me. (although i usually read profiles)
I'll read your's today!

Is it me or do you like Sayaka? :D
4 years ago
Yaaaaaay, i love being friends!
4 years ago
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday dear Coldlight!
Happy Birthday to yooouuuuuu!
4 years ago
Tanjoubi Omedetou!(happy birthday!)
4 years ago
Oh god that KyouSaya image is adorable.
4 years ago
Happy birthday!! (How ironic that the last message is from when you wished me a happy birthday, too. Haha.)
5 years ago
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Second hand waifus deserve a second chance at laifu!


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