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11 month agoReianna_TrancyReianna_Trancy
happy happy happy happy birthday~!
17 months agoReianna_TrancyReianna_Trancy
Corrupted-Mirror (7 months ago) #18097246Happy birthday! I hope you have a brilliant day and get showered with loads of gifts >D Aaah thanks so much!
11 year agoOppaFaustusStyleOppaFaustusStyle
You're very welcome! (:

Corrupted-Mirror (1 year ago) #3892130Thanks very much for the friend request!
12 years agoMilady-AllucaMilady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Corrupted-Mirror (2 years ago) #2651845Oh thank you very much! You've answered all of my questions even some I was about to ask XD Thanks again for all of your help, it is much appreciated. The customs here in UK are very tight you see, that's why I'm only getting figures on special occasions for now on so I might try group ordering some time eventually 8)Ah well I'm happy to have answered even those questions >w< I hope if/when you do try a group order sometime in the future you have a good experience with it~!
12 years agoMilady-AllucaMilady-Alluca Obnoxiously Wordy
Corrupted-Mirror (2 years ago) #2651532Ah, I understand now. That makes me a lot more comfortable with the thought that someone else has to send me my figure lol If you don't mind me asking but what does the host do then if they receive customs charges? Does that come out of their own money? I think I have this idea right but don't all of the packages have to go to the host first yes? Then the host sends it out to the other participates?I'm a US host and the International splits I've joined haven't run into customs costs but should those occur, the host then splits the customs charge with themselves and the participants. The host does not have to pay customs alone c: As for when participants' items are individually sent to them, I believe they're treated as your personal mail so if you get extra customs that charge is on the participant alone though I think usually split items values are under the limit for most customs charges?
If you have more questions with customs, the other group mood escape_rope may be more knowledgeable than I! And yes everything goes to the host first and then they package everything individually to send out. Hosts can also charge participants materials fees on top of the postage costs as mailers and shipping box prices can add up. I'm happy to have been able to try to explain things and ease your worries C:

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