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02 months agoladysuladysu
Cristina_118 (2 months ago) #21199045:) Happy birthday!:) Thank you so much!
12 months agoblackbutterflyblackbutterfly
Hey! All the best for a birthday! I wish you many new figures in your new year!^^
05 months agokensan84kensan84
Hi Cristina!^^ Very nice your collection too. I've seen all your photos. Thank you for your comments! :3
06 months agoZanriZanri
Cristina_118 (6 months ago) #17136914I loved your collection <3
You have a spectacular collection
Congratulations !! :D

Awww thanks! I can't wait to finally get some lights in my display cabinets. Then it'll have sparkle and flair <3
08 months agonil_darknil_dark
Cristina_118 (8 months ago) #15739636Gosto.
Mas gosto mais de sailor moon, samurai x, bleach...este tipos de animes :P

Ahh sim, que legal :D

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