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I'm a mid-20's gal living in Canada, not a huge collection but it's growing steady! I Ended upon here because I stalk it anyway for info on preorders and updates. Quite often the more obscure figures get updated here before anywhere else.

I've ended up being very fond of this community xD

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01 month agoDynamixDynamix
CrowMaiden (1 month ago) #19030290Apparently it's your birthday, so happy birthday!

Why yes it is! Thank you very much!
04 months agokhmergodkhmergod
CrowMaiden (4 months ago) #16611355Happy Birthday!!

thank you
05 months agoLyncfsLyncfs
CrowMaiden (5 months ago) #16278301Happy Birthday!! Hope it's a grand one!

Thank you!
011 months agoheavencloud92heavencloud92
Hi! Sorry for the massive delay regarding the Nanatsu no Taizai Elizabeth figure (I've been getting ready to move and all my figures are in storage), but yeah, the offer still stands. If you're still interested you can contact me at my email, which is my username to work things out. Sorry again, and if the opportunity has passed I totally understand. :]
01 year agoTetsuZTetsuZ
CrowMaiden (1 year ago) #4627733Happy Birthday!! :D Thank you! :)

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