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I'm a mid-20's gal living in Canada, not a huge collection but it's growing steady! I Ended upon here because I stalk it anyway for info on preorders and updates. Quite often the more obscure figures get updated here before anywhere else.

I've ended up being very fond of this community xD

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07 days agoMaakieMaakie
CrowMaiden (10 days ago) #24542791The Zelos can badge arrived!! Thank you again so much!! <3 <3 <3

Wow! That took a way longer time than the other stuff you bought from me! :O But I am glad you have it! Good luck with your shrine! :)
023 days agoBloodyEarthBloodyEarth
CrowMaiden (24 days ago) #24030432I actually did get a couple of them. The RSAL that was over 2 months finally arrived, and the airmail package arrived after 6 weeks.
That seriously sucks you're still waiting on yours! @__@ I think this is the longest I've ever heard of an EMS parcel taking.

Grats! The longest that I heard was 3 months for EMS. I hope I don't break their records. One more week and I am gonna break a MFC user's record (8 weeks).
024 days agoBloodyEarthBloodyEarth
Hey. I was wondering did those RSAL parcels of yours arrived yet? Still waiting on my EMS Parcel, unfortunately...
01 month agoBoxBearBoxBear
hey there!

Are you still selling your Sansei Muramasa? I live in Vancouver too!
01 month agoMaakieMaakie
CrowMaiden (2 months ago) #22264008Sure thing, whenever you get to it. And thanks for letting me buy it all from you!

I shipped it last monday! Hopefully it gets as fast to you as the other things! :D

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