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06 months agoGingerPandaGingerPanda Smol Panda~
Curado (6 months ago) #15175617

Thank you! <3
06 months agoCuradoCurado
011 months agodymitrdymitr
Curado (11 months ago) #9850516Yeah i know. They really should add something, to ensure originality. Even simple card or something would be enough.
At least during conventions you can check all of them in person, but when you order from the shops like ebay etc, it can be risky :P And sometimes you have to take a risk, cuz in many cases it's hard to find Dakis, that were released a long time ago.
BTW, sorry for my delayed replies, but i had a lot to do for the past couple days :P.

[ext link ]

Did you see this. I had thought to perhaps put in a bit, but this went out of control so quickly and so fast. 71k /*O*\ Yep, a fake is the way to go. Just think, this one was clearly legit, but missed the paper proofing that, was used and damaged and went for 71k, then one in mint condition is pretty much worth double, 10-15k, roughly half a month salary.

No, I'll pass. Guess the dream will remain a dream...forever.
011 months ago (11 months ago)dymitrdymitr
Curado (11 months ago) #9714751Here you have few pics
... ...fromm peach skin)

Thanks for the info. Especially the stretch difference fact will come in handy.
I always find it very annoying that legit doujin dakis don't come with a tag or something that shows the legality on the item. You only have the small washing tag piece of paper that shows the manufacturer... It gets lost easily, making finding legit old doujin dakis nearly impossible ;.;
011 months agodymitrdymitr
Curado (11 months ago) #9654866~sigh. Yeah, I know that feeling, I really know it -_-
Unfortunately I don't have good news. She's not original. I bought her on the ebay :P
I looked through many depths of the internet, both english and japanese sites, and I couldn't find her anywhere, so i decided to just get her from ebay, and continue to look for the original version, but honestly I'm sceptical if it's still possible to find her.
As to why, I have her added to my list - My sister added her, and I decided to leave it like that :P
Honestly, she is mostly identical to the original version, if You want I can show you some pictures.
Technically I'm against "not original" but sometimes there's just no other way (unfortunately).

I'm very sorry to hear that your copy is not "legit". I had a sliver of hope the moment I saw that someone owned Tamamo. I know what you're talking about, I've contemplated so many times whether or not I should get myself a fake made of high quality material...I've always moved it forward, considering that I can do that at any point and was not ready to give up on a authentic ver.
I'm still not ready, but after searching for it for so long I'm considering it again. Luckily I've still got other dakis I'm hunting too, to keep my mind off it XD.

I would love to see some pics =), and if you also own authentic doujin 2-way tricot dakimakura, I would love it if you can tell me how well the twostack up against each other. I've heard that their can be huge differences between 2-way tricot material of different origins.

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