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I'm a regular guy from Tulsa Oklahoma but I orignally am from Chiago Illinois. I am half Japanese and used to live in Japan the first few years of my life.
Art is my passion in life, video games, movies, and I LOVE ANIME! I grew up watching Doraemon, Crayon Shin chan, and Pokemon (which was the start of my collecting obsession, the toys not the cards) but first and foremost Sailor Moon (some of my earliest memories were watching and drawing Sailor Moon) so you will see me collect a lot of magical girls and Gundam model kits.
Nice to meet all of you!

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019 days ago (19 days ago)okami34okami34
Yay, I have a new MFC buddy! :)

I'm so jelly that you can paint! XD Paint and me,...we're terrible roommates. I have a decent drawing and only have it ruined by the paint! Since then I have stayed away from paint. (Ironically though, I have recently taken up painting with ink from time to time.)

I have a relative of mine that does photography as a profession. Also, I have messed around with Photoshop for a tiny bit, but not enough to be great at it. (I'm currently devoting my energy to my drawing, at least for now.)

I would love to share my drawings with you and see your paintings sometime. I love to draw anime too with a semi- realistic style. I have even tried to draw animals but I still need significant work in that area *cough* and with shading *cough*. :) (I try to stay away from the 'Uncanny Valley' side of things.)

Yes, it is unfortunate that the Tekken male figure didn't see the light of day. RIP.
020 days ago (20 days ago)okami34okami34
Oh you like art too? That's great! Currently in college, I'm a New Media and Animation major (with a Marketing minor). What kind of art do you like/do? Traditional visual art, photography, digital art, etc.?
020 days agookami34okami34
Aw, thank you for agreeing with me and sending the friend request. (I had a very had time finding the friend request because you are the first person to every send me one! :D For all myother friends, I was the who sent the Friend requests! XD)

Also, I still find it a shame that the first male Bishi figure that Shunya made that art for never got a release. I find that not many artists can draw men and women equally as appealing as he did! In fact, I own the Edward Scissorhands Horror bishoujo figure! I love the Edward Scissorhands movie, the actor, Johonny Depp, and the director, Tim Burton. ( Maybe Kotobukiya will go through with his production under the 'Ikemen' line if it goes well? I rather have a petion to have him made though. I hope Ricken doesn't revise the art of that precious Tekken baby too.)
022 days agoOujiRainuOujiRainu
DanteMagica (23 days ago) #19473105meeee too. But I didn't know about the Archer figure you had in your wish list, it blew me away

I'm so excite for Archer figure too~

I don't have any archer figure and the alter did make him look too skinnyXD
023 days agoOujiRainuOujiRainu
DanteMagica (23 days ago) #19472494I love your Wish list! Didn't even know about half of them

Oh thank you,more awesome figures to know~

I'm really looking forward Victor and Nightwing

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