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013 days agoshcboomershcboomer
Dark_Sage (1 year ago) #5524118Update plzzzz <3
Finally did it a year later.
02 years agorurutiadariyarurutiadariya
Dark_Sage (2 years ago) #2970876\o/

♪☆キャハハ o(≧▽≦o)o(≧▽≦)o(o≧▽≦)o キャハハ☆♪
34 years agoDark_SageDark_Sage
Mods deleting my blog posts about how "Ben-to" is not spelled "Ben-tou". There's clearly a massive Dark_Sage cover-up in effect.

04 years agoSoupRKnowvaSoupRKnowva
Dark_Sage (4 years ago) #1397924<3 the Soup
<3 the dark_sage...i still dont actually have any figs, so we cant be fig fags together yet

the two i want dont even have pre orders yet


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