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11 year agoDark_SageDark_Sage
Mods deleting my blog posts about how "Ben-to" is not spelled "Ben-tou". There's clearly a massive Dark_Sage cover-up in effect.

01 year agoSoupRKnowvaSoupRKnowva
Dark_Sage (1 year ago) #1397924<3 the Soup
<3 the dark_sage...i still dont actually have any figs, so we cant be fig fags together yet

the two i want dont even have pre orders yet
01 year agodymitrdymitr
Dark_Sage (1 year ago) #1394933For figures, it's more about how they look than how much I like the characters, so I'll buy shit even if I hate the anime the characters are from. :3
Joined up MFC cuz some other figfag linked it to me a month or two ago when I decided to collect figures. This place seems like a good one to keep track of my collection and more importantly to see how everyone else buys this shit, what's worth buying, and from where. Seems like a good information source.

For me it's a combination of both. I need to like both the figure-sculpt, paint-job and the character. It's indeed a great place to keep track of your collection.
Clubs such as the group order~ and Figure shop~ clubs are great ways to see how people have experienced shops, how they work and if your European(like me) if it allows you to don't be sucked dry by import-fees. The group-order club allows you to order things as a group, handy when you only want specific straps etc. You can find things on cleaning your figs and the doujinshi club gives you a great help with ordering doujinshi.

My collection wouldn't be as big as it is without MFC. My wallet resents this site though XD
01 year agodymitrdymitr
Dark_Sage (1 year ago) #1394922>Simple plan, Sugarcult, Yellowcard, Relient K
Good taste in music. (>_O)b

Thanks. I don't get that often that people actually enjoy my taste of music.
Might be because where I'm from people don't know most of them... They make awesome music though.
I also like some milder metalbands and Jpop but the above are my favs :D
It's always nice to see people that can recognize quality when they hear it =P

You have some good taste in figures, TYPE-MOON, Huke and Xaoi Mei. There all figures that I intend to get eventually(TM).

So what brings you to join MFC all so suddenly. Did you just stumble on it recently or... did you finally decided to join on a whim.


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