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For the 1% of you that get it :-)

Howdy! Another casual gamer/anime/figure collector.
I'm just chilling and slacking in the meantime, but if you wanna play or just fool around, don't be shy and shoot me a message!

Thanks for stopping by!

SPOILERS if you haven't seen anime.
Kyouko's transformation was my favorite.
Sexy Bad End :D

Mandarake/Jungle Status Tags:

Mandarake (Red stripe) - Figure is new. Box hasn't been opened. - Figure is new. (Used to specify figure is new when box has been opened or resealed.) - Figure may have been used. Box has been opened. - Figure has visible stain. - Box has been resealed by the manufacturer. - Box has visible damage. - Box color has faded from sources like the sun.

Jungle (Blue stripe) - Item new in sealed box. - Item new, only the outer box has been opened. - The item has been removed from packaging and displayed in a show case. - Box has visible damage or fade.

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01 day agoaeonblueaeonblue
DemiSouls (8 days ago) #2087007HAHAHA good one! Who gets to know people to date them nowadays? That's so old fashioned and way too right ..maybe I should grow younger and something might work out for once.. And no, the best part about the rori is the ever youthful and growing ambitions. Heart being pure gets me hnnngg every time ..and sometimes dat flat che- *sirens*
Anyways, I'm pretty good. Was heartbroken by my favorite job turning into a living nightmare and have been switching lots to find something decent. Every time I switch tho I get a better paycheck so I guess I'm doing something right.. How have you been? I've noticed there's a lot of Australians in the public chats. Are you all colluding to take over mfc.. Then the world?! :P

Hopeless roricon as always I see :P Hope you find a never aging rori or you'll be on a never ending quest.

At least something good is coming out of it haha. I'm all right. Uni, work, taking candy from strangers, same old. Funny you say that since there's another user on here who accuses us of the same thing and even thinking we're all just one person or something! Are there really that many Australians here? I still find it a pleasant surprise when I stumble across an Australian account I've never seen before. Or maybe it's just because I love looking at my 21839 other accounts heheheh.
05 days agoGioGio97GioGio97
Thank you for accepting my friend request!
09 days agoaeonblueaeonblue
DemiSouls (10 days ago) #2082990D-dang.. Stop sounding so pure cause I might just fall for you really.
You weren't before? Hahaha just kidding. Looks like I'm reaching my loli prime (˘⌣˘⑅)

How are you btw? Been busy?
011 days agoaeonblueaeonblue
DemiSouls (11 days ago) #2081126Aww how nice of you to pay respects to the elderly :) I see you've aged verily too. Just fyi, the younger the better, but you're still valid ;D
Yup! I'm double the age I was when you first started snatching pantsu. I know how to use manners now but stranger danger is still a tricky thing to get a grasp of. It doesn't matter how old I get I'll always be a loli at heart. That counts, right?
011 days agoCrysisJDCrysisJD
You're welcome =) Yes I think ^_^
DemiSouls (11 days ago) #2081132Thank you! I expected nothing but got stuff. Does that count as double? :)

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