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09 days agokenshin51989kenshin51989
My 1st figure I bought was in 2010 and I been collecting on and off for a while when ever I get extra money. I saw the pictures of your collection and
it's huge. I loved playing Final Fantasy XIII and I looking forward to Final Fantasy. And the Final Fantasy VII remake and Kingdom Hearts 3.
Your English is fine by the way. My brother is learning Japanese he's been learning for 3 years, I think.Djibril (10 days ago) #3347534I start buying some figures at conventions in 2009 but only in 2010 I start "real" collecting, with preorders and stuff like that. Now I have to slow down a little because I'm running out of space, even if I have a whole room dedicated to figures...
I really like Final fantasy saga, I played and finished almost all the chapters, with a propensity for FFVII - FFVIII and FFX. Since the creator Sakaguchi and the composer Uematsu left the production, I don't follow this saga anymore, the last chapters don't seem very attractive to me.
What about you?
(Sorry for my bad English, btw ^^)
012 days agokenshin51989kenshin51989
When did you start your collection? And I also see you like Final Fantasy.Djibril (13 days ago) #3336743It's not a problem ^^
English? A little, at least, I try ;)
018 days agokenshin51989kenshin51989
Thank you so much. I'm sorry I now responding to you. I just noticed your comment. By the way do you know English?Djibril (3 years ago) #1112476Happy Bday! ^^
029 days agoSpiritWorldSpiritWorld
Djibril (1 month ago) #3205154Happy Birthday!!
Thank You! :D
01 month agoRin_AsanoRin_Asano
tonna, inutile che ti nascondi... sto WF è all'insegna dei gheioni giapponesi XD

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