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Anime is Awesome, but Animated women in general are even more AWESOME! From their Amazingly Designed and often times revealing outfits. To their dreamy body proportions, long flowing hair, seductive facial expressions, etc., etc. "What can I say?" I have a passion for Animated women...SO WHAT!? Some will call it "cringe" I say WTF ever! Being an artist myself, I am attracted to the stylization of the characters. I can look beyond the often sexual themes and actually appreciate the craftsmanship of that character from an artists perspective. There is such a wide variety of styles by different artists to enjoy and love too. My personal favorite Illustrators so far are: Reiq, Sei Shoujo, Kagami, Jin Happoubi, Shunya Yamashita, Stanley Lau, Sano Toshihide, Ishikei, Mogudan, Oda Non. I DO NOT care that the artist mentioned aren't all Japanese or all technically labeled as Anime/Manga artist. Their art is of high quality in the different styles which they work and they inspire me as an artist. I hope to have my own site dedicated to my very own characters someday.

As for collecting itself, I would say I officialy started in 2011 with my purchase of the Gothic Lolita ver. of Ryomou Shimei by Daiki. I do have many Street Fighter figures from Sota and Hasbros Gi Joe line. I also collected a fair amount of Irwin's Dragon Ball Z figures due to loving the show growing up. So you could technically say I've been collecting long, long before 2011. However, my first real attempt at collecting Pre-painted figures and imported goods started with Ryomou back in 2011.

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03 days agoNyaaa-Nyaaa-
On yeah, I'm also still looking for item #307286 . It is apparently available on doujinrepublic. But just like everything on that site, it is way to expensive. 440 usd...

Doboy (3 days ago) #23672023Yeah when I'm searching for Lilith Covers I NEVER see Alicia or Cordelia, glad I own those myself. I couldn't tell you exactly which tapestry cost me the most ,but I did just recently order item #466717 for 6500 yen. I'm sure I paid more for item #307286 though, it isn't exactly a wall scroll. As for highest Dakimakura that is easily item #119331 which I paid 270 USD for.
03 days agoNyaaa-Nyaaa-
The most expensive daki was either item #113820 or item #182211 those where in the 43000yen region. The most I've paid for a wallscroll was something like 6000yen. You?

Doboy (3 days ago) #23667192Thanks for those tutorials, will have to try the faki one for sure! So what is the most you ever spent on a daki and on a tapestry?
04 days agoNyaaa-Nyaaa-
I'm renting this place so I wasn't allowed to drill holes. So I hooked an aluminium tube underneath the shelf. On those I hang the dakis. Like so.

I've used a similar system for the wallscrolls above my bed imgur. The tube is hung from the portrait rail and the wallscrolls just slide onto the tube. That way I can fit two rows.

I suppose it would be cool if they also did an Oboro one. But I'm not the biggest fan of her haircut (from TA1). It just looks dumb. If they do this Oboro Gelbooru then sure. So they'll pretty much have to finish this list imgur. But they need to focus on Aishwarya Ray.

Doboy (5 days ago) #23604622I currently don't have them on display as my room has undergone a makeover. I'd like to put them on the wall over the wall, though not really sure how to. I saw that pic you sent, thats Awesome the way you got them all lined up and neat. How are yours held up onto the wall?
Speaking of Lilith designs, I really wish they'd make an Oboro one. I also would like to see some of the other girls from the Steel Witch series. Hopefully you or I will be adding any number of those to the database someday soon lol.
05 days agoNyaaa-Nyaaa-
I've added 10 more Lilith wall scrolls by the way. Can't believe those didn't have entries yet.
05 days ago (5 days ago)Nyaaa-Nyaaa-
Oh no problem. I've had some of those wallscrolls for a while now and I finally said "fuck it. I'll add them to myfigurecollection myself".
About the mousepad. The price for those things are a bit steep. It is very large though. Much larger than regular oppai mouse pads. It is however not something that I would be able to use. As I'm not going to actually put my mouse on it, and you can't really display it properly.

I do agree on the Rinko daki. They can add way more bondage in their designs as far as I'm concerned :3

How do you use your dakis by the way? Like they were intended? Or do you hang them on the wall like I do? [ext link ]

Doboy (6 days ago) #23549336Damn nice collection dude, you've got a bunch of goods i want. Thanks for recently adding those Lilith items to the site. What do you think of item #597800? I personally think its the best Rinko cover yet. I'd love to buy her oppai mousepad, but like the Marie Mamiya one I just don't think I can. WAY overpriced!

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