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Shaman King, HxH, The Witcher, Haruki Murakami...
Tales of series, HarvestMoon & Rune factory series, Fire Emblem, Pokémon, The Legend of Zelda...
MUCC, AqME, Klaxons, FOB...

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View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
3 years ago
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday to you....
Happy Birthday dear Durk-Heim!
Happy Birthday to yooouuuuuu!
4 years ago
Happy birthday! ^^
4 years ago
Happy birthday!
4 years ago
Joyeux anniversaire Durk-Heim.
4 years ago
Durk-Heim (4 years ago) #1514545I need luck! XD
I already have Tales of Xillia, I could not wait so I buy it on jap' version :3 I've not played much, because of the college but enough to say that's really nice, I prefer this one to TotA. Ah! and I read an interesting new that maybe ToS (my favorite game ever!) will be released on PS3, but it's a rumor...
I hope I have my order of Okumura next week, that'd be awesome :D
Go another week of exams and I'm free! I'm so tired...

Ooh, lucky! So far, I think Vesperia is the better tales I've played. I'll know where Xillia will end up in my rankings once I play it!
Oh, really?! I hope it ends up to be true. I never played TOS since I didn't have the game system, so this would actually be really great! Okumura figure is really nice. I like to admire user's photos of him o/
I finished finals last week, so I know the feeling. Almost finished!!
4 years ago
Durk-Heim (4 years ago) #1507911Thank you too :)
I really like your introduction, it's reminds me me, with my male figures ;)
Ah and I also tried to recognize your favorite anime&manga but I've just found RahXephon (I love kamina soooo much XD) and Natsume... I don't watch a lot of anime... I spend more time in my games, and so, the Tales of series is the best :3
But now I have to study T__T hem... have a nice day o/~

Thank you! I love me some male figures~
I looooove Kamina, too! I guess he's my first fictional character I had an obsession with when I knew what anime was xDD I'm glad to meet someone who's watched RahXephon! ^^ And Natsume is one of those series to have a tissue around, because every episode would make you a sobbing mess.
Tales series is really fun! I'm glad we're getting Xillia (and hopefully Xillia 2!). Thanks, you too! Good luck~~
4 years ago
Hello! Thank you for the FR ~ヾ ^∇^
4 years ago
Your welcome :)
Durk-Heim (4 years ago) #1382955Thanks a lot ;)
4 years ago
Durk-Heim (4 years ago) #1383143Well, I don't have a big room either, but I still want more figures > <
In my collection I have mainly characters I like (in manga or video games) but when I find a beautiful figure from I don't know where, sometimes, it's difficult to resist :D However, I have a preference for male characters ^^' & vocaloids nendo' are so cute, particularly Len :3

True true... I want try collecting more figure too ^^
ah i see... That's why i found mostly male figure in your collection
I'm fine with all of them.. Male or female not a problem as long as it look good in my eyes *the same reason as you*
sadly most if them cost a little pricey ^^! so it hard to make a decission
I love collecting nendo cause i can make many pose with them plus they look cute
Yes nendo len really cute and he look shota there XD
4 years ago
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