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01 year agoEmboar500Emboar500
View spoilerHide spoiler>>>Merry Christmas!!!<<<

01 year agokasakekasake
lol, what dorama is that 'expensively cheap' sketch from?
02 years agoDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
02 years agoEmboar500Emboar500
Eamxu (2 years ago) #2845674Yeah, they are needed. Resources are not only used for forging but also in repair that's why a lot of people are careful in not damaging their swords though I find it easier to farm resources in TR than in KC and using more of them doesn't necessarily assure you with getting rarer swords. You just need to follow a certain recipe and everything it random which is why it is based on your real life luck. I honestly have no idea if Urashima will be good but I just would like to complete all the swords. Yeah, I can only appreciate slam dunk because of the awesome story and less "magical moves" and more realistic sport. I guess watched a bet of PoT but I got bored halfway through it so I dropped it.

Thanks, I understand now, I thought the more resource you use, the more rarer sword you will obtain, but still base on IRL luck. Not yet playing TR cause IRL keeps me busy (T^T) but soon I'm gonna play it. Anyway, do you know what are those TR enemy are? They looks like a fiendish undead samurais that glows in certain colors (some are green, yellow and violet, as I seen on video on youtube I watch).

I understand what you mean about those sports anime with unrealistic moves, and KnB is one of it, its often criticize for "unrealistic basketball moves" (especially Himuro Tatsuya's mirage shot, which really pissed me off) and more likely to target by female fans rather than the sports fans for more "bishie" stuff, so that's why many still choose Slam Dunk for good story and more realistic sports move, I agree to your opinion.
02 years agoEmboar500Emboar500
Eamxu (2 years ago) #2840483Yep, you can always get the swords you broke again but if you break some of the rare swords like Mikazuki or Kogitsunemaru, that's going to be a bring problem. Kogitsunemaru was the last sword I got before the update of the Kotetsu brothers and I don't have any of them. Hopefully I will get them soon since I really like Urashima. He seems like a really likable fellow. GTO... well, it's all good but since I live in Cebu, I can only order my stuff online and I've been hearing a bunch of bad stuff from GTO, especially their online service. At least you live there so you can easily contact them but I'm gonna stick with online shops atm.
I haven't watched any sports anime but Slam Dunk. For some reason, I've never liked pretty boy sports shows (same goes for KnB and Free!!) and I haven't taken any interest. I guess they're just not my cup of tea.

About on the sword repairing, do you really required to use items like coal, steel, coolant and whetstone to repair the damage sword? And by using those items I mention before that when making swords, if you using more of them, the rarer kind of sword will obtain? Urashima seems a good sword to add in your party, along with Nagasone.

I usually go to the GTO store (in Alabang branch where I'm nearest) to get a PO, usually you have a pre-order coupon (where your deposit and pre-order listed) you should keep it until the item is arrived, usually a store pick-up on the branch where you take orders. You should not lost it or you will not get your pre-order and your deposit will forfeited. Its true some people ordered at GTO are disappointed in their online service, but they never get fail when it comes to PO via store pick-up, their service is just good at all. I usually get order at OOC for backorders or items that previously released that I missed.

Slamd Dunk is one of my favorite too, you really makes me remind my childhood haha I love that show, especially in the middle to the end of the episodes. Haikyuu!! doesn't have bishonen characters, most of their character designs are like your typical/generic shonen jump characters, I really like the show because of the story is lighthearted despite some tensions of the story.

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