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01 month agomaggiemaggie
ElisabethHeart (1 month ago) #1998205You know I always need a registered shipping so 1100¥ for her and Ace from the same seller relatively costs the same to me since I'll have other things shipped together with them.
Also, couldn't find Ace alone on Rakuten and I already have so much STUFF to sell @_@

Yeahhhh that massive burden of buying a set just to get one figure (then getting stuck with all the other crap). That's why I just said 'f*ck it' with getting Levi stuff. I don't want a shrine again, but a few Mikasa and Levi items are welcome. Levi items are through the roof price-wise, bleh.

I did buy that whole Horo set, as that is one of my favorite parts in one piece. I have a small group of characters falling to Perona's hollows, I love the despair (morbid?). I missed out on Usopp from the first set and now I'm sad. I still have the IK sanji where he's bent with a hollow through him, the hollow holds notes and I keep addresses there (yours included!).
01 month ago (1 month ago)maggiemaggie
ElisabethHeart (1 month ago) #1997823On YAJ. I'm lazy like that XD
Auction's still going but Ace's wayyy cheaper than Perona for now.
I guess Crease or OneUp might be able to find them also...

Whaa? Why didn't you just get her on rakuten, she was 300Y @_@;; ships worldwide, no proxy. I got the whole set shipped for $18.
01 month agomaggiemaggie
ElisabethHeart (1 month ago) #1997091Sweet !
And I'll get Perona too cause she's just adorable.

did you manage to get them? I don't see ace available individually. Toysanta looks like they sold out?
01 month ago (1 month ago)maggiemaggie
Negative straps available! Search rakuten: ワンピース ネガティブ ストラップ

I got a set from ToySanta because they ship SAL. They price a bit higher tho. Ehehe I wanted Bepo and Perona etc. I think hollows are so funny, I can't help it.
02 months agomaggiemaggie
Saw this and thought of you picture #909948

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