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I've been playing games since 1990, became interested in Japanese stuff around 2000 when I began studying Japanese in high school. I didn't start buying non-game merchandise like figures until around 2007, slowing down in 2014 when I bought my own home at 27. Utada Hikaru (via Kingdom Hearts, 2002) and m-flo (2003) are largely how I discovered I was interested in the Japanese language, and that's how I discovered See-Saw and Puffy (Amiyumi) via Limewire. Even though I'm not big on anime I'm always down to karaoke anime OPs, my favourite being doa - eiyuu.

I attended a Japanese university from 2009 until 2011 before coming back to New Zealand for various reasons. I'm not interested in figures so much now, with the exception of things from games I like, or signed art prints (fukusei genga). In 2005 I joined the shmups community, in 2009 I began covering shmup news and I'm pretty much still doing that. If you want to follow what I do: [ext link ]

For everything I'm selling, read below. As I receive a high volume of private messages and usually have a high volume of items for sale, I cannot answer repeat questions. If you contact me and I do not respond, this is probably why. Chances are it has already been answered.

Regarding all items that I currently have for sale:

Non-smoking non-pet household. No scratches/dirt/etc, but not a completely unused article. If you are nervous about the condition of the item, please do not buy. I am not a store, and therefore do not expect to be treated as such. I redeem the right to refuse trade with any buyers who I suspect problematic. All original contents included.

A purchase invoice may be forwarded in the form of an email if it's requested (ie. confirmation and shipping emails I've received from Amiami), but I don't issue PayPal invoices.

Payment via Paypal (item + shipping + 4.8% = total), PayPal Gift, or bank transfer (payment can be converted into and made in NZD). All of my prices and shipping prices are listed in USD. Outside of the country is dealt with by International Air (3-10 working days delivery, 28 working days worst case scenario. More information regarding this shipping method can be found on New Zealand's official postal website, nzpost, here: [ext link ]), tracking is additional. As a general rule of thumb I don't ship outside OCE, but I will consider it if you're willing to make it worth my time. Orders must be over $200 USD, shipping must be tracked, payment must be made by PayPal Gift and the shipping unknown until sold.

Within the country, all things are couriered and tracked. Auckland should be overnight, North Island 1-2 days, South Island 2-3 days and rural addresses 2-3 days, where rural addresses there is a possibility of the shipping costing extra. Picking or meeting up within Auckland is also possible. I'll post the following day after payment received (either via bank or via PayPal) providing the following day isn't either the weekend, or a public holiday (postal services won't be operating on that day).

Undervaluing parcels and/or declaring them as gifts is possible, but entirely at the buyer's risk. If the item does not arrive or is damaged during transit, I will not be held responsible. If a refund is issued, it will only be issued as compensation from the post office, not by myself, and the refund will only be the undervalued amount declared on the custom's declaration, under the assumption the post office deems the item lost. I will not, under any circumstance, be held responsible for any undervalued package. If the item is still taxed upon arrival overseas despite being declared as a gift or undervalued, this is entirely the buyer's responsibility (ie. VAT), along with any other fees (such as Parcelforce or any other country-specific delivery costs).

Shop: (mfc link)
Feedback: (mfc link)

You do not need to ask me if an item is "still available". Everything that is for sale is available. I cannot delete sold listings. Please make sure your location is in your profile before contacting me, it makes everyone's life easier.


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