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I've been playing games since 1990, became interested in Japanese stuff around 2000 when I began studying Japanese in high school. I didn't start buying non-game merchandise like figures until around 2007, slowing down in 2014 when I bought my own home at 27.

I attended a Japanese university from 2009 until 2011 before coming back to New Zealand for various reasons. In 2005 I joined the shmups community, in 2009 I began covering shmup news and I'm pretty much still doing that. If you want to follow what I do: [ext link ]

For everything I'm selling, read below. As I receive a high volume of private messages and usually have a high volume of items for sale, I cannot answer repeat questions. If you contact me and I do not respond, this is probably why. Chances are it has already been answered.

Regarding all items that I currently have for sale:

- Payment via Paypal (item + shipping + 4.8% = total), PayPal Gift, or bank transfer
(For Australian buyers, payment can be converted into and made in NZD through bank transfer).
- All of my prices and shipping prices are listed in USD.
- Outside of the country is dealt with by International Air
(3-10 working days, more: [ext link ]), tracking is additional.
- I am willing to ship internationally as a courtesy on the condition that PayPal Gift is used and the buyer fits in around me. International shipping costs on all items I'm selling is unknown and entirely situational, contact for more info.
- Picking or meeting up within Auckland is also possible.
- Undervaluing parcels and/or declaring them as gifts is possible, but entirely at the buyer's risk.

Shop: (mfc link)
Feedback: (mfc link)


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