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When it comes to collecting I like cat girls, cats, pink hair, and basically anything cute and colorful! Even if I don't know the series or even if I dislike it...it's a real problem.

My husband also likes to collect, but I just put the things of his I like in my list because I'm an asshole.

I love Armin and He-Man so I made this video and have to share it everywhere.

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027 days agonoctisitynoctisity
Hi there, I need to send you an invoice for the FF Trading Rubber Strap split (mfc link) but your inbox is full. Please let me know when you have it cleared up. Thank you!
01 month agousachibiusachibi
Hey! I wanted to send you a pm but it wouldn't go through. I think because your inbox is full. Hopefully you see this here! but i did send the money for the clear file, my address is on the paypal!
04 months agodogs547895dogs547895
05 months ago (5 months ago)ShaerilethShaerileth 「mother of a grimoire」
...is it just me, or has Armin become wicked popular lately? Like, people hosting splits just to get his merch popular...I haven't really watched much anime as of late, but what the flip happened?!? I mean, other than everyone else realising his amazingness, but I digress.
011 months agoycdtosaycdtosa
Elphaba (11 months ago) #15510368idk if you know yet, but there is no option to comment on your blog entry, you have to edit and check the box "Allow comments" for it. :)

I actually wasn't aware so thanks for letting me know.

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