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01 year agoT_ReinaT_Reina
Hello! Regarding the Angelic Angel split

Please note that payment is due in 36hours. Also, you have gotten the raffle slot for Jersey Nico/Rin. Please refer to the LATEST invoice which you've received and make payment according to the rates stated. Feel free to PM me if you have any enquiries (i.e. breakdown for shipping rates, etc.)

I am also leaving the raffling slot up to the 2 raffling participants to choose who they want to get. In the case where both participants want the same character, it would be via first-come-first-serve basis.

Thank you for joining my GO and hope to hear from you soon!
02 years agoDeadlyAnimeDeadlyAnime Web Designer
View spoilerHide spoilerYou are the birthday star today... Happy birthday! ...xD ...xD
03 years agoKaito570Kaito570
oh that's right Subaru ur not gonna get his tapestry their on amiami I'm still debating if I will order the rest of them I have Ayato, Reji, and the guy with the teddy bear preordered. I'm so bad at remembering names sometimes. ^^
03 years agoKaito570Kaito570
is ur avatar that guy from Diabolik Lovers forgot his name
03 years agoEmeraldxDewEmeraldxDew
Saichi (3 years ago) #1783512Hello~
Your ava looks so cute! *_*

Haha thank you! Tokiya <3

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