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Hello everybody!
I'm a awkward 22 y.o. girl from the Netherlands. I've been into collecting figures for a while now and I'm still not thinking about quiting. ^^


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01 month agoPotatoLlamaPotatoLlama
Emerian (1 month ago) #3083737Yes, I saw you dont mind friend requests so I thought why not!
My fav μ's member is definitly Hanayo with Maki on second place. My goal is to collect all Hanayo figures. ^^
I saw you like Eli.. I didn't like her at first because she was trying to stop the making of μ's but now I like her. :) But not as much as Hanayo <3
my fav SAO character is Asuna of course and my fav Animal is Hamphrey.
What about yours?
My fav is Eli (you probably already knew) and Nozomi. From SAO it's Asuna and Yui <---She is so cute! <3
01 month agoPotatoLlamaPotatoLlama
Emerian (1 month ago) #3080233Just dropping by to make new friends. We have a lot in common. I also like Love live, SAO, Once upon a time, Animal crossing and Pokémon. :-D Yay! I love new friends! I love your collection. Who are your fav characters from them?
01 year agoRieszRiesz
Emerian (1 year ago) #2259768I'm getting this one: Alisa (I don't know how to do the item link ^^")
I fell in love with them while visiting an Azone store in Japan and now I'm finally getting my own. :)

Ohh she is SO cute! I love her outfit and her colour scheme is so warm. She seems very sweet, friendly, and like she'd be a good friend. Please take pictures once you get her! I can't wait to see :)
01 year agoRieszRiesz
Emerian (1 year ago) #2258300Hehe, it was a bit random but I came across your profile and you have a great collection!
I love your nendoroids and re-ment collection and I just ordered my first azone doll aswell. ^^

Awesome! Which Azone doll are you getting? They're all so cute :)
01 year agoRieszRiesz
Thank you for the FR :)

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