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I started figure collecting in 2015 as the result of my love for Puella Magi Madoka Magica!! Ultimate Madoka and Mami are especially my weakness! >.<

Before I started collecting I was always seeing beautiful figures of Hatsune Miku. Since then I'v loved her as an avatar, even if I'm not really a vocoloid fan. As there are always cute, dynamic, and interesting figures of Miku I am now an avid Miku collector!

I favor Figma over Nendoroids - though you wouldn't know it looking at my collection!^_^

There are so many characters from series I hope someday to see as scales though sadly most of them I don't really expect to happen (I'd be surprised if they do!). My dream is for there to be a nendoroid line for Gintama, Sailor Moon, and Inuyasha. As well as Code Geass, Nozaki - Kun...theres too many. I would bankrupt myself for those!! Also Please GSC continue the Inuyasha figma line!! You can't just have Kagome and no Inuyasha!!

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