EquiusEquius The TrashSelling everything under Owned, PM me!



!!I am selling my whole collection!!
I do holds, and bundle things. But please do not ask me to hold anything unless you are 100% certain you will pay for it.
Items that are favorited/hearted are on hold.
I am also selling pre-orders. Some of my collection is brand-new make sure to check out my shop, feel free to ask me about anything!

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06 days agoHiroyoHiroyo
I don't know if your inbox is full but I am interested in the super sonico after the party figure.
012 days agoPenguin-chanPenguin-chan
Hello? Just curious if my PM went through or full inbox? :D
020 days agovitzekevitzeke
Yes I'm still interested! do you have a link? I'd like to purchase the Inori figure. How much is shipping to CA?
025 days agovitzekevitzeke
Hi! I'm interested in your INORI from GSC.
028 days agovelocitycurvevelocitycurve
I'm a repeat customer which tells you everything you need to know! See comments below for my first review. Another very positive experience, thank you so much.

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