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There's nothing left to be said. The naive, half-broken rabbit is still wandering beyond the depths of deceit and confusion. Will he be able to see his dreams for the future?

Started collecting figures last January, and needless to say, how the hell did I end up like this? Nothing I could do, Nothing else could stop me. All I gotta do is to move on forward and be proud in the world of buyfagging!

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05 years agoRetveRetve
Ezilled>Figure Haven still has 1 of her in stock, but it is $120.

That's why I'm still holding back and have to resort on pre-owned one due to limited, disposable income. Oh well, I'm not in a hurry getting this figure anyway but she's quite charming and lovely on her pose. Also, I thought you've Mumi already? It's late May.

If you live in America their price isn't too bad since they have cheap shipping, otherwise not worth it though unless desperate.
We can make a trade, Yuki for Sora.
View spoilerHide spoiler I know that isn't going to work but I tried.
Nope, not here yet.
waiting for sal.jpg
05 years agoRetveRetve
EzilledSlightly better than normal. Some of my friends greeted me, and we've had a simple feast. My nostalgia goggles kicked in and watched Digimon/Pokemon first movie, and I'm about to watch Hugo and Game of Thrones out of boredom. Slippery Slope has been quiet lately, so yeah. If ever you'd sell Sora, I'm thinking buy it from you in the distant future. :3
That sounds pretty fun, good to hear you had a good Birthday.
I don't ever plan on selling her, she is one of my favourites, sorry.
Figure Haven still has 1 of her in stock, but it is $120.
05 years agoRetveRetve
EzilledRetve, pls g-

Hey thanks.

How mean.
Did you have a good Birthday?
05 years agoRetveRetve
Happy Birthday.
05 years agoRetveRetve
EzilledYou nailed it, and also you're THAT person who has Yoshi image and figure.
Everyone is always jealous over the Yoshi.

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