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Hello. I'm Fabrizio from Italy, I love manga & anime since when I was young and japanese series were broadcasted for the first time. Now I'm not so young, but I yet love them. You can read something about me on my blog. And if you're interested in some of my figures, please contact me. :)

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02 months agothedante90thedante90
Fabfab (2 months ago) #18301813Quindi spedita quanto verrebbe?

60 + 9.90 di pacco celere ed eventuali paypal fees.
02 months agothedante90thedante90
Fabfab (2 months ago) #18301073Ciao, Yagyu Kyubei è ancora disponibile? Potrebbe interessarti uno scambio con qualche pezzo della mia collezione?

Ciao! Sì Kyuubei è ancora disponibile ma non sono interessato a scambi :)
04 months agootaku_clubotaku_club
Fabfab (4 months ago) #16758961Ma ancora collezioni? Te li fai spedire direttamente in UK? :D sì! ahaha
04 months agootaku_clubotaku_club
Fabfab (4 months ago) #16729354Auguri Bea! :) Thanks!!! ;)
04 months agolegroooslegrooos
Fabfab (4 months ago) #16473263I had no news from you, did you change your mind?

Nope, i was waiting for your answer lol

But maybe you didn't my reply since i send it on my phone and it was a bit buggy.
Also, i asked you an email address if you wanted pictures of the figurines cause it seems the upload on mfc doesn't work

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