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01 day agoKanaedeKanaede
Das mit dem kopieren kann ich ja aber ich weiß nicht wo ich die einfügen soll. Bei Other? Also URL oder was? D:
01 day agoKanaedeKanaede
ich hab mal eine Frage, weißt du wie man Figuren verlinkt? Also so dass da Item#X in grün steht und man so auf die Seite kommt?

lG Kanaede^^
014 days agoGioGio97GioGio97
Thank you! *^*
Fabienne (14 days ago) #2069726hi there, thank you for the friend request,
feel free to write with me about figure related and other stuff ~ヾ ^∇^
03 months agoLestterLestter

Thank you for the quick and thorough reply! Now to get lucky and find her for a bit less. I really really like her unrobed body lol. It's so provocative. Thank you again!


Btw, how are you liking Sonico? She's awesome!
03 months agoLestterLestter
Hi Fabienne!

I need your advice. I wanted to ask you about Ignis Endless Winter. I really really want to get one before her price skyrockets, but I want to know how she is quality wise. I believe I read your review on her? But I still wanted to ask you how she looks up close. Are there visible seams? Any drastic paint errors? Things like that. Thank you.


Oh and does she ship SAL? Thank you.

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