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16 days agodaphne-treedaphne-tree
Fate_of_a_Saber (9 days ago) #21121238Yea! about that one when you get the Saber Haregi ver. by Aniplex can you see if her sword can be used with this one item #414719?
Sure thing! Although I chose SAL Reg so it will take a while :'(
07 days agoJosineJosine
Fate_of_a_Saber (7 days ago) #21214439Thanks for the add!!!
Np! Nice Saber collection :D
010 days agodaphne-treedaphne-tree
Fate_of_a_Saber (12 days ago) #21041264Yea right! I'm just missed item #566301 in the mail today, as I overslept Lol Let the collecting of Sabers continue!
And also do you mind if I ask you something?

Haha I often do that too. Ah that's a nice one. Can't wait for the Haregi ver. from Aniplex+ this month!
Sure go ahead :D
114 days agodaphne-treedaphne-tree
Fate_of_a_Saber (18 days ago) #20801807Thanks for the add! very nice collection.
Thank you! There's never an end to collecting Sabers right :P
025 days agoKyrieleiisonKyrieleiison
Fate_of_a_Saber (1 month ago) #20215303Happy B-Day! (;

Thanks you! :3

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