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My collection started out a little bit of everything. I found that my wallet could not keep up so I have narrowed it down to specific categories.

In order of priority
1. MG gundams
2. HMM Zoids
3. RG gundams
4. Nendos but only if they come with a cool accessory or if they have all new body parts that arent just a recolor like so many mikus
5. Armor girls project
6. Figmas and revoltech, but only from a show I like

(click for huge)
As you can see I have WAY too many unbuilt gundams
and unopened nendos

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025 days agoaimforthetopaimforthetop
bought ika musume phone strap; item arrived quickly, safely packaged, and in perfect condition; thanks once again!
01 month agoifob8ifob8
Fauxtool (1 month ago) #2035988where is 'Gettygatsburg" and are you for serious?

Gettygatsburg is one of the most populous city located in the Puffinhound state, that lies just to the north of the United States.

The name of the city is English, but there are much more french speakers there. So am I one. But since our state shares a border with the US, English is a very common language there.
01 month agoFrysteFryste
Fauxtool (1 month ago) #2023349yeah the seller for the waterproofing substance is a defunct store. No one responds to emails, nothing ships
when I call the # on their site its some muffled voice with kids crying in the background, definitely not an office environment
(ext link)

Ah... shame, lol that sounds like my experience with a Chinese seller, maybe it's a friendly working environment for moms, or maybe it's a family business haha

Well anyway, guess alternatives need to be sought.
01 month agoFrysteFryste
Fauxtool (1 month ago) #2023053I tried to buy a quart of the substance from the website listed. No tracking#, no responses. I am trying to do a chargeback now. The other people who sell it seem to have a different, less powerful item.

Wait, just to see that I understood correctly, purchasing problem? D:
02 months agoFrysteFryste
Yooow you better update us on that waterproof-ing experiment thingy hahaha :P

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