FebreezeFebreeze lies down



Oh jeez wow, i'm nothing more than a goddamn dirty homestuck now. Where did my life go wrong? I could probably blame MFC for constantly pointing me to tumblr for ACNL and look where that led me. I'm still blowing my money on Nendos and Fire Emblem junk so idk. Still keeping track of that here. For as much time as i waste on tumblr i still don't honestly understand what i'm doin' uhh... And I've been watching a lot of Achievement Hunter as of late too. So that's kinda my current uh, interests, I guess.

psaxsometimes i don't read messages right away
and i’ll be like ‘i’ll definitely r+r later’ and
i actually end up not replying
so sorry if you think i’m ignoring you

cos i get anxiety trying to think about it/make myself read it
so i let myself not think about it so i can feel better
but then i forget and it's a vicious cycle i'm sorry !!